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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Releasing on FOX at January 18, 2021 and the day after on Hulu


Action, Drama, Thriller / TV-Series (2020)

9-1-1: Lone Star is procedural drama television series focusing on the fire, police, and ambulance departments of the fictional company 126, located in Austin, Texas.

Season 2 follows; as Captain Owen Strand welcomes newcomer Captain Tommy Vega to the 126, he must face the unexpected arrival of his ex-wife, Gwyneth, who visits Austin to check on their firefighter son, T.K., following the injuries he sustained at the end of last season. All of this occurs as the rescue squad must deal with an emergency that the Texas capital has never encountered before.

Creators: Brad Falchuk, Tim Minear, Ryan Murphy

Directors: Bradley Buecker, Marita Grabiak, John J. Gray, David Grossman, Gwyneth Horder-Payton, Jennifer Lynch, Sharat Raju

Writers: Brad Falchuk, Tim Minear, Ryan Murphy, Rashad Raisani, John Owen Lowe, Jessica Ball

Stars: Rob Lowe, Ronen Rubinstein, Sierra Aylina McClain, Jim Parrack, Natacha Karam, Brian Michael Smith, Rafael L. Silva, Julian Works


Rob Lowe Owen Strand 
Ronen Rubinstein T.K. Strand 
Sierra Aylina McClain Grace Ryder 
Jim Parrack Judd Ryder 
Natacha Karam Marjan Marwani 
Brian Michael Smith Paul Strickland 
Rafael L. Silva Carlos Reyes 
Julian Works Mateo Chavez 
Brianna Baker Nancy Gillian 
Mark Elias Tim Rosewater 
Liv Tyler Michelle Blake
Evan Arnold Elliot Pasquale 
Gina Torres Tommy Vega 
Lisa Edelstein Gwyneth Strand 
Cyrina Fiallo Tonya 
Mikal Kartvedt Carl Hubbard 
Kim Matula Lily 
Gary Perez LT. John Vasquez 
Paris Perrault Molly Savard 
Sebrina Purcell Skeptical Office 
Ray Stoney Sgt. Marcus Stokes 
Joanne Verbos Dr. Tara Limaye 
Derek Webster Charles Vega
Kelsey Yates
Skyler Yates


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