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The Last Castle (2001)


Coming Out at 19 October 2001 in theaters

Action, Drama, Thriller

The Last Castle is action drama film directed by Rod Lurie, starring Robert Redford, James Gandolfini, Mark Ruffalo and Delroy Lindo. The film portrays a struggle between inmates and the warden of a military prison, based on the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth. A highly decorated U.S. Army Lieutenant General, court martialed and sentenced for insubordination, challenges the prison commandant, a colonel, over his treatment of the prisoners. After mobilizing the inmates, the former general leads an uprising aiming to seize control of the prison.

The film was released in the United States on October 19, 2001. It received mixed reviews from critics and was a box-office bomb, grossing just $27 million against its $72 million budget.

Lieutenant General Eugene Irwin (Robert Redford) is brought to a maximum security military prison to begin a ten-year sentence for his decision (in violation of a presidential order) to send U.S. troops on a mission in Burundi, resulting in the deaths of eight soldiers. Colonel Winter (James Gandolfini), the prison’s commandant, is a great admirer of the general, but is offended by a comment he overhears: Irwin criticizes Winter’s much-prized military artifacts collection, calling it something no actual battlefield veteran would ever have.

Winter, who has never seen combat, resents the remark. He then takes exception to what he perceives as Irwin’s attempt to change the attitudes of the prisoners, his admiration for Irwin fading fast. On one occasion, Irwin is punished harshly after stopping a guard from clubbing a prisoner, Corporal Ramon Aguilar (Clifton Collins, Jr.), who had made the mistake of saluting Irwin in the prison yard (a tenet of Winter’s methods for running the prison is that the prisoners are told “you are no longer soldiers” and prohibited from acting in any way like military servicemen).

Director: Rod Lurie

Writers: David Scarpa, Graham Yost

Stars: Robert Redford, James Gandolfini, Mark Ruffalo, Steve Burton, Delroy Lindo, Paul Calderon, Sam Ball


Robert RedfordGeneral Irwin
James GandolfiniCol. Winter
Mark RuffaloYates
Steve BurtonCapt. Peretz
Delroy LindoGen. Wheeler
Paul CalderonDellwo
Sam BallDuffy
Jeremy ChildsCutbush
Clifton Collins Jr.Aguilar
George W. ScottThumper
Brian GoodmanBeaupre
Michael IrbyEnriquez
Frank MilitaryDoc
Maurice BullardSgt. McLaren
Nick KokichPvt. Niebolt
David AlfordCorp. Zamorro
Dean HallHarris
Peg AllenSecretay (Kelly)
Rick VitoRed Team Leader
Forrest D. BradfordSimmons
Scott MichaelGunton
Dean MillerCarvelli
Kristen ShawClerk (Staff Sgt.)
Michael Q. DavisHonor Guard
Joe KeenanTrustee / Lester
David ChattamWheeler’s Aide
Dan ColeTrustee #2
Hans MooySgt. Moore
Steve SandfortInmate
Jamie Roberto ManteconInmate
Jeffery G. FaganInmate
Lyon FlemingInmate
Darius WillisInmate
Rico MoodyInmate
Rocky Abou-SakherInmate
Sean CameronGuard
Mary Jean BentleyVisitor
Kathryn MorrisDOD Investigator
Ray BeasleyInmate
Heath BertamPrisoner
Matt BlakeGuard
Matthew BlakeGuard
Scott BrantleyInmate
Josh CroftInmate
Michael DinwiddieGuard / Red Team / Color Guard
Johnny DowersGuard
Jason DragoPrisoner
Jamie DundeePrisoner
Frank FoxAuggie
John HanlinRoof Guard
Kevin KinzerPrisoner
Robert MaloneSam
Matt MangumPvt. Patton
Ron PecorellaInmate
David PowledgeGuard
Brett QuinnInmate
Claudio Marcio RojasInmate
Austin SandersInmate
Jill SenterGirl in War Scene
Dusty ShafferPrisoner
Toni TardinoVisitor #2
Phillip TrammelNeighboring Inmate
Michelle WayColor Guard / Prison guard
Gary WillisPrison Visitor
Steven WoodringInmate
Robin WrightRosalie Irwin

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