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American History X (1998)


Crime, Drama

American History X is crime drama film directed by Tony Kaye and written by David McKenna. The film stars Edward Norton and Edward Furlong, as two brothers from Los Angeles who are involved in the white supremacist and neo-Nazi movements. The supporting cast includes Fairuza Balk, Stacy Keach, Elliott Gould, Avery Brooks, Ethan Suplee and Beverly D’Angelo.

Living a life marked by violence and racism, neo-Nazi Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) finally goes to prison after killing two black youths who tried to steal his car. Upon his release, Derek vows to change his ways; he hopes to prevent his younger brother, Danny (Edward Furlong), who idolizes Derek, from following in his footsteps. As he struggles with his own deeply ingrained prejudices and watches their mother grow sicker, Derek wonders if his family can overcome a lifetime of hate.

Director: Tony Kaye

Writer: David McKenna

Stars: Edward Norton, Edward Furlong, Beverly D’Angelo, Ethan Suplee, Fairuza Balk, Stacy Keach, Avery Brooks


Edward Norton►Derek Vinyard
Edward Furlong►Danny Vinyard
Beverly D’Angelo►Doris Vinyard
Jennifer Lien►Davina Vinyard
Ethan Suplee►Seth Ryan
Fairuza Balk►Stacey
Avery Brooks►Dr. Bob Sweeney
Elliott Gould►Murray
Stacy Keach►Cameron Alexander
William Russ►Dennis Vinyard
Guy Torry►Lamont
Joe Cortese►Rasmussen
Jason Bose Smith►Little Henry
Antonio David Lyons►Lawrence
Alex Sol►Mitch McCormick
Keram Malicki-Sánchez►Chris
Giuseppe Andrews►Jason
Michelle Christine White►Lizzy
Jonathan Fowler Jr.►Jerome
Christopher Masterson►Daryl Dawson
Nicholas R. Oleson►Huge Aryan
Jordan Marder►Curtis
Paul Le Mat►McMahon
Thomas L. Bellissimo►Cop #2
Cherish Lee►Kammi
Sam Vlahos►Dr. Aguilar
Tara Blanchard►Ally Vinyard
Anne Lambton►Cassandra
Steve Wolford►Reporter
Richard Noyce►Desk Sergeant
Danso Gordon►Buddy #1
Jim Norton►Randy
David Basulto►Guard
Alexis Rose Coen►Young Ally Vinyard
Kiante Elam►Lawrence’s Partner
Paul Hopkins►Student
Keith Odett►Random Skinhead
Paul E. Short►Stocky Buddy
Nigel Miguel►Basketball Player
Darrell Britt►White Supremicist
Robert ‘Duckie’ Carpenter►Skinhead
Sydney ‘Big Dawg’ Colston►Prison Gang Leader
Hans Cozzens►Police Officer #2
John Embry►Parking Lot Skinhead
Maximillian Kesmodel►Young Danny Vinyard
Barbie Marie►Student
Andre McCoy►Basketball Player
Allie Moss►Skinhead Girlfriend
Denney Pierce►Arresting Officer
Glendon Rich►Deputy Sheriff
Louis E. Rosas►Jail Inmate
Sam Sarpong►Jail Inmate
Mark Swanson►Skinhead in Store
Jeremy Sweet►Skinhead
Selwyn Ward►High School Student
Leaving Bathroom
Debra Wilson►Mother in a coffee shop

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