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Apocalypto (2006)


Action, Adventure, Drama |

Apocalypto is a American epic historical adventure film co-produced, co-written, and directed by Mel Gibson. The film features a cast of Native American and Indigenous Mexican actors consisting of Rudy Youngblood, Raoul Trujillo, Mayra Sérbulo, Dalia Hernández, Ian Uriel, Gerardo Taracena, Rodolfo Palacios, Bernardo Ruiz Juarez, Ammel Rodrigo Mendoza, Ricardo Diaz Mendoza, and Israel Contreras. Similar to Gibson’s earlier film The Passion of the Christ, all dialogue is in a modern approximation of the ancient language of the setting. Here, the Indigenous Yucatec Maya language is spoken, with subtitles, which sometimes refer to the language as Mayan. This was the last film Gibson directed until 2016’s Hacksaw Ridge ten years later.

Set in Yucatán, Mexico, around the year 1502, Apocalypto portrays the hero’s journey of a young man named Jaguar Paw, a late Mesoamerican hunter and his fellow tribesmen who are captured by an invading force. After the devastation of their village, they are brought on a perilous journey to a Mayan city for human sacrifice at a time when the Maya civilization is in decline. The film was a box office success, grossing over $120 million worldwide, and received mostly positive reviews, with critics praising Gibson’s direction, Dean Semler’s cinematography, the performances of the cast, and the portrayal of Mayan civilization.

While hunting in the Mesoamerican rainforest, Jaguar Paw, his father Flint Sky, and their fellow tribesmen encounter a procession of refugees fleeing warfare. The group’s leader explains that their lands were ravaged and they seek a new beginning. He asks for permission to pass through the jungle. Flint Sky comments to his son that the visitors were sick with fear and urges him to never allow fear to infect him.

At sunrise the next morning, the tribe’s village is raided by a group led by Zero Wolf. Huts are set on fire, many villagers are killed, and the rest of the adults are taken captive. Jaguar Paw nearly kills the sadistic raider Middle Eye, who kills the captive Flint Sky in retaliation and names Jaguar Paw “Almost”.

Director: Mel Gibson

Writers: Mel Gibson, Farhad Safinia

Stars: Gerardo Taracena, Raoul Max Trujillo, Dalia Hernández, Rudy Youngblood, Jonathan Brewer, Morris Birdyellowhead


Rudy YoungbloodJaguar Paw
Dalia HernándezSeven
Jonathan BrewerBlunted
Morris BirdyellowheadFlint Sky
Carlos Emilio BáezTurtles Run
Amilcar RamírezCurl Nose
Israel ContrerasSmoke Frog
Israel RíosCocoa Leaf
María Isabel Díaz LagoMother in Law (as Isabel Diaz)
Espiridion Acosta CacheOld Story Teller
Mayra SerbuloYoung Woman
Iazua LariosSky Flower
Lorena HeranandezVillage Girl
Itandehui GutierrezWife
Sayuri GutierrezEldest Daughter
Hiram SotoFish Hunter
Pepe SuárezFirst Temple Sacrifice (as José Suárez)
Raoul Max TrujilloZero Wolf (as Raoul Trujillo)
Gerardo TaracenaMiddle Eye
Rodolfo PalaciosSnake Ink
Ariel GalvanHanging Moss
Bernardo RuizDrunkards Four
Ricardo Diaz MendozaCut Rock
Richard CanTen Peccary
Carlos RamosMonkey Jaw
Ammel Rodrigo MendozaBuzzard Hook
Marco Antonio ArguetaSpeaking Wind
Javier EscobarVicious Holcane
Fernando HernandezHigh Priest
Maria Isidra HoilOracle Girl
Aquetzali GarcíaOracle Girl
Abel WoolrichLaughing Man
Antonio MonroiChilam (as Antonio Monroy)
Nicolás JassoMan on Temple Top
Ronaldo EknalSlave Auctioneer
Miriam TunWoman Auctioneer
Rafael VelezKing
Diana BotelloQueen
Joaquin RendonHead Chac
Nelly CastilloJade Woman (uncredited)

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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