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Best in Show (2000)


Coming Out at 29 September 2000 in theaters


Best in Show is mockumentary comedy film co-written by Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy and directed by Guest. The film follows five entrants in a prestigious dog show, and focuses on the slightly surreal interactions among the various owners and handlers, as they travel to the show and then compete during the show. There are also short depictions of the characters six months after the show is over. Among the comedic aspects of the film are similarities between the personalities and characteristics of the owners and those of their dogs. Much of the dialogue was improvised. Many of the comic actors were also involved in Guest’s other films, including Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consideration, and Mascots. The film’s score was composed by C. J. Vanston.

Best in Show is presented as a documentary of five dogs and their owners destined to show in the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show, held in Philadelphia. Segments of the documentary continuously cycle among owners and handlers as each prepares to leave for the show, arrives at the hotel, prepares backstage, handles their dog’s performance, and appears in a post-show follow-up.

The owners and their dogs all arrive in time for the show, which is hosted by dog expert Trevor Beckwith (Jim Piddock), and oblivious “color” commentator Buck Laughlin (Fred Willard). During the first round, Beatrice is disqualified when Hamilton cannot control her, but the other four dogs advance to the final round. Just before the finals, Cookie dislocates her knee and insists that Gerry take over for her. Though the audience is initially awed by seeing Gerry’s “two left feet” (the result of a birth defect), ultimately Winky takes Best in Show.

Director: Christopher Guest

Writers: Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy

Stars: Fred Willard, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Michael Hitchcock, Parker Posey, Christopher Guest


Jay BrazeauDr. Chuck Nelken
Parker PoseyMeg Swan
Michael HitchcockHamilton Swan
Catherine O’HaraCookie Fleck
Eugene LevyGerry Fleck
Carrie AizleyFern City Show Spectator
Lewis ArquetteFern City Show Spectator
Dany CaninoFern City Show Judge
Bob BalabanDr. Theodore W. Millbank, III
Will SassoFishin’ Hole Guy
Stephen E. MillerFishin’ Hole Guy
Christopher GuestHarlan Pepper
Michael McKeanStefan Vanderhoof
John Michael HigginsScott Donlan
Colin CunninghamNew York Butcher
Jehshua BarnesScott’s Wild Date
Patrick CranshawLeslie Ward Cabot
Jennifer CoolidgeSherri Ann Cabot
Don LakeGraham Chissolm
Scott WilliamsonWinky’s Party Guest
Deborah TheakerWinky’s Party Guest
Rachael HarrisWinky’s Party Guest
Jane LynchChristy Cummings
Fulvio CecereAirport Passerby
Linda KashFay Berman
Larry MillerMax Berman
Ed Begley Jr.Hotel Manager
Cody GregZach Berman
Teryl RotheryPhilly AM Host
Tony AlcantarPhilly AM Chef
Camille SullivanPhilly AM Assistant
Dave CameronPhilly AM Host
Lynda BoydCabot Party Guest
Madeleine KiplingCabot Party Guest
Merrilyn GannCabot Party Guest
Andrew JohnstonCabot Party Guest
Malcolm StewartMalcolm
Jay-Lyn GreenLeslie’s Nurse
Fred WillardBuck Laughlin
Jim PiddockTrevor Beckwith
Earlene LukeMayflower Hound Judge
Carmen AguirreTaft Hotel Maid
Harold PybusMayflower Toy Judge
Hiro KanagawaPet Shop Owner
Cleo A. LaxtonMayflower Terrier Judge
Corrine KosloMayflower Sporting Judge
Andrew WheelerMayflower Ring Steward
Don EmslieMayflower Non-Sporting Judge
Don S. DavisMayflower Best in Show Judge
Steven M. PorterBulge
Melanie Angel‘American Bitch’ Photo Editor
Doane GregoryTerry the Photographer
Can. Ch. Arokat’s Echobar Take Me Dancing‘Beatrice’ the Weimaraner
Can. Ch. Urchin’s Bryllo‘Winky’ the Norwich Terrier
Ch. Quiet Creek’s Stand By Me‘Hubert’ the Bloodhound
Can. Ch. Raptures Classic‘Miss Agnes’ the Shih Tzu
Can. Ch. Symarun’s Red Hot Kisses‘Tyrone’ the Shih Tzu
Brocade ExclamationRhapsody in White the Standard Poodle
Can. Ch. Exxel Dezi Duz It With PizazRhapsody in White the Standard Poodle
Fred KeatingJack
Peter KelamisBartender
Patrick StarkBeauty Salon Transvestite
Greg AnthonyDog Grommer
Ian Alexander MartinV.I.P.
Steven PollardRecording Engineer

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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