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Black Beach (2020)


Coming Out at September 25, 2020 in theaters

Action, Adventure, Drama

Black Beach is action drama film directed by Esteban Crespo, and written by Esteban Crespo and David Moreno. The film stars Raúl Arévalo, Paulina García, Candela Peña, Claude Musungayi, Babou Cham, Lidia Nené and Melina Matthews. It primiered at 23 August 2020 on Málaga Film Festival.

Carlos, a senior executive about to become a partner in a large company, is commissioned to mediate the kidnapping of an engineer from an American oil company in Africa. The incident is putting the signing of a millionaire contract in jeopardy.

On this trip he will have to face the consequences of his actions in his past when he was a cooperator in the country and choose between his personal and professional interests.

Director: Esteban Crespo

Writers: Esteban Crespo, David Moreno

Stars: Raúl Arévalo, Paulina García, Candela Peña, Claude Musungayi, Babou Cham, Lidia Nené, Melina Matthews


Raúl ArévaloCarlos
Paulina GarcíaElena
Candela PeñaAlejandra
Claude MusungayiGraham
Babou ChamGeneral Guillermo Mba
Lidia NenéLucía
Melina MatthewsSusan
Emilio BualeLeón Ndong
Mulle Jarju SalvadorGregorio Ndong
Aída WellgayeAda
Jimmy CastroCalixto Batete
Fenda DrameEva
Dairon TallonCalixto Jr.
Teresita EvuyMamá Claudina
Olivier BonySigalot
Bella AgossouBebe
Fred AdenisDouglas
Antonio BuílStephan
John FlandersDonovan
Luka PerosNegociador (Leo Babich)
Thimbo SambBernardo
Papis DioufAmigo León
Julius CotterRonald (Enviado de la ONU)
Ronnie CommissarisMr. Finn
Babacar Ben Ibrahima KonteMédico Petrolera 1
Chumo MataMédico Petrolera 2
Clotilde BoahuriMadre Superiora
Astrid JonesHermana Lucía
Gaëtan WendersHombre Vigilante 1
Kristof CoenenHombre Vigilante 2
Didier MaesRata
Amber Shana WilliamsPeriodista Africana
Tara R. CookMama Claudina & Ada (voice)
SahlimaLucia & Eva (voice)
Sabrina Lopez LeonardWorldly woman


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