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Bobby Sands: 66 Days (2016)


Opening at August 5, 2016 on VOD

History, Documentary, Biography

Bobby Sands was interested in girls, soccer and music at seventeen years old. Ten years later, he led a hunger strike against conditions inside Northern Ireland’s infamous H Blocks that grabbed the worlds attention. Sands became an icon for a world that, to this day, knows little about him.  Featuring fresh insight and remarkable archive 66 DAYS brings us the story of this enigmatic prisoner and the events that turned him into a 20th Century icon. 

Director: Brendan Byrne

Stars: Bobby Sands,Gerry Adams, Michael Alison, Humphrey Atkins, Owen Carron, Ronnie Close, Tim Pat Coogan, Sile De Valera


Gerry AdamsPresident of Sinn Féin
Michael AlisonMinister of State, Northern Ireland Office
Humphrey AtkinsSecretary of State, Northern Ireland (archive footage)
Aram BakshianFormer Speechwriter for President Reagan
Mario Biaggi(archive footage)
Michael BiggsProfessor of Sociology, Oxford University
Tony Blair(archive footage)
Neil BlaneyDublin MP (archive footage)
Owen CarronElection Agent for Bobby Sands
Ronnie CloseUniversity of Cairo
Tim Pat CooganHistorian
Sile De ValeraDublin MP (archive footage)
Danny DevennyFormer Sinn Féin Publicity Artist
Bernadette DevlinSands’ Election Campaign (archive footage)
Seán DonlonFormer Irish Ambassador to USA
Richard EnglishHistorian
Jack FosterQueen’s University, Belfast
Mohandas K. Gandhi(archive footage)
Jim GibneyFormer Sinn Féin Family Liaison Officer
Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara(archive footage)
Charles HaugheyTaoiseach, Republic of Ireland (archive footage)
Thomas HennesseyHistorian and Author
Ted Kennedy(archive footage)
Ted Koppel(archive footage)
Tomboy LoudenFriend and Former IRA Volunteer
Terence MacSwineyLord Mayor of Cork (archive footage)
Frank MaguireMP for Fermanagh / South Tyrone, Northern Ireland (archive footage)
Joanne MathersVictim of IRA (archive footage)
Martin McCannBobby Sands (voice)
Raymond McCordTeammate of Sands
Bik McFarlaneOfficer Commanding 1981 Hunger Strike
Laurence McKeownFormer Hunger Striker
Seán McManusFounder, Irish National Caucas (as Sean McManus)
Ho Chí Minh(archive footage)
Charles MooreBiographer of Margaret Thatcher
Danny MorrisonFormer Sinn Féin Director of Publicity
Matthew MurrayFormer Aide to Ted Kennedy
Airey NeaveMember of British Parliament (archive footage)
Brendan O’CathaoirFormer Irish Times Journalist
John O’ConnellDublin MP (archive footage)
Denis O’HearnBiographer of Sands
Richard O’RaweFriend and Former IRA Volunteer
Fintan O’TooleLiterary Editor, The Irish Times
Ian Paisley(archive footage)
Duc Quang(archive footage)
Queen Elizabeth II(archive footage)
Ronald Reagan(archive footage)
Hernan ReyesMedical Expert on Hunger Strike (as Dr. Hernan Reyes)
Gerard RooneyFriend and Former IRA Volunteer
Bobby Sands(archive footage)
Colm ScullionFriend and Former Cellmate
Denis SweeneyTeammate of Sands
Norman TebbitFormer Minister in Thatcher Cabinet
Margaret Thatcher(archive footage)
Séanna WalshFriend and Former IRA Volunteer (as Seanna Walsh)
Dessie WaterworthFormer Prison Officer
William Butler Yeats(archive footage)
Oliver HughesBrother of Francis Hughes (archive footage)


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