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Bonding Season 2 Opening on Netflix at January 27, 2021


Comedy, Drama / TV-Series (2018)

Netflix’s dark comedy- Bonding has now been renewed for Bonding Season 2. The series follows a student moonlighting as a dominatrix and her gay best friend/assistant in the city of New York. The show is based on creator Rightor Doyle’s own experiences.

Tiff and Brendan started moving ahead in the first season. They made developments in their personal lives. Thriller elements get into the picture when a mysterious client shows up in the first season. He gets stabbed by the end of the season. So, the mystery will be solved in Bonding Season 2. Along with that, many other hopes and fears will be a part of Bonding Season 2.

Director: Rightor Doyle

Writer: Rightor Doyle

Stars: Zoe Levin, Brendan Scannell, Micah Stock, Theo Stockman, Kevin Kane, Stephanie Styles, Gabrielle Ryan, Alex Hurt


Zoe Levin Tiff
Brendan Scannell Pete
Micah Stock Doug
Theo Stockman Josh 
Kevin Kane Professor Charles 
Stephanie Styles Kate 
Gabrielle Ryan Portia 
Alex Hurt Frank 
Matthew Wilkas Rolph 
D’Arcy Carden Daphne 
Gianmarco Soresi Comedy Show Host
Charles Gould Fred
Leonard Berdick Leather Man
Jamar Greene Security Man
Stephen Reich Trevor
Alysha Umphress Murphy 
Eric Berryman Andy 
Jade Elysan Cat Dom 
Chad Burris Baby Man 
Veronique Chelarca Comedy Club Waitress
Martin Pfefferkorn Homeless Man
Joe Essig Douchbag
Matthew Risch Joe
Tansy Lion Tamer 
Amy Bettina Chelsea 
Sebastian Conelli Masked Man 
Manelich Minniefee Lion 
Rosanny Zayas Mom Dom 
Miriam Baron Wolverine Hands 
Jon Fleming Go Go Dancer 
Jonathan Hart Bartender 
Travis Ocasio Go Go Dancer 
Michael Lazarus Man Holding Hands on Street 
Casper Ostman Go Go Dancer 
Ricardo Castelo Man Holding Hands on Street 
Michael Whitelaw Bartender 
Gary Junior Gatling Drag Queen 
Robert Walker Jeffery Bob
Seth Borden Guy Making Out 
Priscilla Gore School Administrator 
Vin Kridakorn Josh’s Firend
Jeremy Dalton Guy Making Out 
Sho Suzuki School Administrator 
Matthew Chua Jogger 
Scott Gorbach Jogger 
John-Christian Frank Man in Baseball Cap 
Jeffrey Council Dog Submissive 
Michelle Previlon Dom Woman 
Christina Ledo Dom Woman 
Patrick Lam Male Client 
Bridge Andrew Male Client 
Whitney Devlin Sex Store Shopper


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