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Camellia Sisters (2021)


Coming Out at February 12, 2021 in theaters

“Gái Già Lam Chiêu 5”


Camellia Sisters is drama film directed by Namcito and Bao Nhan. The film stars Hoang Dung, Khanh Le, Dang Tra Xuan Minh and Kaity Nguyen.

Three sisters reunite in the wealthy palace they grew up in, as the secrets in their family begin to unravel.

Directors: Namcito, Bao Nhan

Stars: Hoang Dung, Khanh Le, Dang Tra Xuan Minh, Kaity Nguyen


Hoang Dung
Khanh LeLy le ha
Dang Tra Xuan MinhDang Tra Xuan Minh
Kaity Nguyen

( Read more cast details on imdb )

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