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Carmen Sandiego Season 4 Opening on Netflix at January 15, 2021


Animation, Action, Adventure / TV-Series (2019)

Normally so far Carmen, each episode is a different V.I.L.E. she stopped his theft. But season 4 will be different. Now V.I.L.E.’s aim seems to be revenge, so can pause the theft and go after Carmen. Look at the trailer, this will be the most action season. Season 4 is last season. Will V.I.L.E. finds his mother and comes to Turkey?  Countess Cleo will be field agent.

Carmen Sandiego is back and fighting against V.I.L.E. harder than ever! Season 4 of Carmen Sandiego is available on Netflix January 15.

Creator: Duane Capizzi

Directors: Jos Humphrey, Kenny Park, Kevin Dart, Mike West

Writers: Duane Capizzi, May Chan, Greg Ernstrom, Becky Tinker, Steven Melching, Benjamin Townsend

Stars: Gina Rodriguez, Finn Wolfhard, Liam O’Brien, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Sharon Muthu, Kari Wahlgren, Rafael Petardi


Gina Rodriguez Carmen Sandiego 
Finn Wolfhard Player 
Liam O’Brien Professor Maelstrom
Abby Trott Ivy
Michael Hawley Zack
Sharon Muthu Dr. Bellum
Rafael Petardi Chase Devineaux
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Coach Brunt
Paul Nakauchi Shadowsan
Charlet Takahashi Chung Julia Argent 
Toks Olagundoye Countess Cleo 
Dawnn Lewis Chief 
Kari Wahlgren Sheena (Tigress)
Bernardo De Paula Jean-Paul (Le Chèvre)
Andrew Pifko Antonio (El Topo)
Kimiko Glenn Paperstar
Trevor Devall Roundabout
Krizia Bajos Mother
Michael Hagiwara Hideo
Osric Chau The Troll
Sarah-Nicole Robles Flytrap
Dante Basco Spinkick
Rhys Darby Neal the Eel
Alex Désert Crawfish King
Jeannie Tirado Sonia 
Sylvia Villagran Marta 
Mick Wingert Elderly man


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