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Collateral (2004)


Coming Out at 5 August 2004 in theaters

Crime, Drama, Thriller

Collateral is neo-noir action-thriller film directed and produced by Michael Mann from a script by Stuart Beattie and starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. Jada Pinkett Smith, Mark Ruffalo, Peter Berg, Javier Bardem, and Bruce McGill feature in supporting roles. It follows Max, a Los Angeles cab driver and his customer Vincent. When offered a high fare for driving to several locations, Max agrees but soon finds himself taken hostage by Vincent who turns out to be a hitman on a contract killing spree.

Collateral was released in the United States on August 6, 2004, and grossed $217 million worldwide. The film received critical acclaim particularly for Michael Mann’s direction and the editing. The film was chosen by the National Board of Review as one of the top ten films of 2004. Foxx’s performance was widely praised, being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor; the editors, Jim Miller and Paul Rubell were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Film Editing.

Max Durocher (Jamie Foxx) is a meticulous Los Angeles cab driver trying to earn enough to start his own limousine business. One of the evening’s fares is federal prosecutor Annie Farrell (Jada Pinkett Smith), who works for the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California. On the drive to her office, they strike up a conversation and Annie gives Max her business card.

Director: Michael Mann

Writer: Stuart Beattie

Stars: Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith, Mark Ruffalo, Peter Berg, Javier Bardem, Bruce McGill


Tom CruiseVincent
Jamie FoxxMax
Jada Pinkett SmithAnnie
Mark RuffaloFanning
Peter BergRichard Weidner
Bruce McGillPedrosa
Irma P. HallIda
Barry Shabaka HenleyDaniel
Richard T. JonesTraffic Cop #1
Klea ScottFed #1
Bodhi ElfmanYoung Professional Man
Debi MazarYoung Professional Woman
Javier BardemFelix
Emilio RiveraPaco
Jamie McBrideTraffic Cop #2
Ken WatersFBI Agent
Charlie E. SchmidtFBI Agent
Michael BenttFever Bouncer
Ian HanninCell Phone Partier
Robert DeamerSergeant
David MersaultCrime Scene Cop
Anthony OchoaCrime Scene Cop
Omar OrozcoEl Rodeo Doorman
Edgar SánchezEl Rodeo Doorman
Cosme UrquiolaEl Rodeo Doorman
Thomas Rosales Jr.Ramone
Wade WilliamsFed #2
Paul AdelsteinFed #3
Jessica FerraroneFemale Criminalist
Troy BlendellMorgue Attendant
Inmo YuonPeter Lim
Howard BachrachPissed Off Driver
Chic DanielPlainclothes Cop
Corinne ChooeyWaitress
JoNell KennedyWaitress
Steven KozlowskiWhite Guy
Roger StoneburnerWhite Guy
Rodney SandbergWhite Guy
George PetrinaWhite Guy
Donald DeanJazz Musician
Elliott NewmanJazz Musician
Trevor WareJazz Musician
Bobby EnglishJazz Musician
Auggie CavanaghJazz Musician
Ronald MuldrowJazz Musician
Peter McKernanPolice Helicopter Pilot
Ivor ShierNews Helicopter Pilot
Daniel LujánRubio #1
Eddie DiazRubio #2
Joey BurnsEl Rodeo Band Member
John ConvertinoEl Rodeo Band Member
Josh CruzeEl Rodeo Band Member
Martin FloresEl Rodeo Band Member
Rick GarciaEl Rodeo Band Member
Larry G. GoldmanEl Rodeo Band Member
Maurilio PinedaEl Rodeo Band Member
Dan SistosEl Rodeo Band Member
Jacob ValenzuelaEl Rodeo Band Member
Luis VillegasEl Rodeo Band Member
Yussi WengerEl Rodeo Band Member
Jason StathamAirport Man
Angelo TiffeSylvester Clarke
Ismeal VidrioGas Station Attendant
Ron EckertHotel Security Desk Guard
Manuel UrregoDirection Asking Businessman
Jessie BernardNurse
Luis MoncadaCold Eyed Killer
Dyna TealSylvester Clarke Girl
Sandi SchroederSylvester Clarke Girl
Michael-John WolfeHotel Clerk
Addie YungmeeFever Dancer
J.D. McElroyFever Dancer
Megan HiratzkaFever Dancer
Kate GopaccoYoung Girl
Christy YiYoung Girl
Lisa Marie BasadaYoung Girl
Wilson WongTactical Sergeant
Mark StainbrookTactical
Brandon MolaleLimo Driver
Marianne M. ArreagaPolice Helicopter Co-Pilot
Spike SilverPolice Helicopter Co-Pilot
Ben MihmNews Helicopter Co-Pilot
Niles RothHelicopter Pilot
Linda AsumaRichard Weidner’s Wife
Paul AulicinoPolice Dispatcher
Esther ChaeDancer at Night Club
Andy ChengBlonde Peter Lim Bodyguard
Conor Dean SmithTom
Danny Del ToroCold Eye Killer #3
Michael DotsonBar Patron
DTeflonPeter Lim’s Bodyguard
Tara EricksonSupporting
Jerald GarnerDancer at Club Fever
Melissa GomezSalsa Dancer
Annabella GutmanDancer
Laszlo KlimaChop Shop Owner
Mark KubrDrug Man
Pharaoh LambertDancer
Cameron LeeClub Dancer
Kyu C. LeeTactical
Janet LinnBartender
Gino MontesinosRubio
Janessa MunBartender
Masami OkadaClub Goer at Korean Club
Janice PaikBartender
Neil PatilLimo Driver
Gary RodriguezPrecision Driver
Tony Sagastizado INightclub Staff
Erina SakoClub Dancer
Emily VanSonnenbergLawyer
Emily Ming-An WangHot Limo Girl
Michael WaxmanLenny the Dispatcher (voice)
Henry T. YamadaKorean Gangster

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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