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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)


Coming Out at 31 December 2002 in theaters

Biography, Comedy, Crime

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is biographical spy comedy film depicting the fictional life of popular game show host and producer Chuck Barris, who claimed to have also been an assassin for the CIA. The film was George Clooney’s directorial debut, was written by Charlie Kaufman and starred Sam Rockwell, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, and George Clooney himself.

Columbia Pictures had planned to produce a film adaptation of Barris’s 1984 “unauthorized autobiography” of the same title in the late 1980s. When the film rights were purchased by producer Andrew Lazar, Kaufman was commissioned to write a new script, which attracted various A-list actors and filmmakers to the project. Bryan Singer at one point planned to direct the film with Johnny Depp in the lead role, but the production was canceled. The production resumed when Clooney took over directing duties.

Tired of being rejected by the beautiful women he lusts after, Chuck Barris moves to Manhattan to become an NBC page with dreams of becoming famous in television but is eventually fired. He moves back to Philadelphia and becomes Dick Clark’s personal assistant on American Bandstand in 1961. He writes the successful song “Palisades Park” and becomes romantically involved with a woman named Penny Pacino. Chuck is given permission to pitch the concept for The Dating Game at ABC. He is given $7,500 to create a television pilot, but ABC abandons the idea in favor of Hootenanny.

Director: George Clooney

Writers: Chuck Barris (book), Charlie Kaufman

Stars: Sam Rockwell, Drew Barrymore, George Clooney, Julia Roberts


Dick Clark►
Sam Rockwell►Chuck Barris
Michelle Sweeney►J. Sweeney
Drew Barrymore►Penny
Chelsea Ceci►Tuvia, Age 8
Michael Cera►Chuck Age 8 and 11 
Aimee Rose Ambroziak►Chuck’s Date #1
Isabelle Blais►Chuck’s Date #2
Melissa Carter►Chuck’s Date #3
Jennifer Hall►Georgia
Ilona Elkin►Georgia’s Girlfriend
Sean Tucker►Barfly
Jaye P. Morgan►
Maggie Gyllenhaal►Debbie
David Julian Hirsh►Freddie Cannon 
Jerry Weintraub►Larry Goldberg
George Clooney►Jim Byrd
Frank Fontaine►ABC Executive
Rachelle Lefevre►Tuvia, Age 25
Gene Patton►
Robert John Burke►Instructor Jenks
Daniel Zacapa►Renda
Emilio Rivera►Benitez
Carlos Carrasco►Brazioni
Barbara Bacci►Woman in Veil
Janet Lane►Blonde Bachelorette
Shaun Balbar►Beanpole Bachelor
Jeff Lefebvre►Frizzy Hair Bachelor
Michael Filipowich►Handsome Bachelor
Samantha Kaine►Black Bachelorette
Christian Paul►Black Bachelor
Jim Lange►Self
Kristen Wilson►Loretta
Steve Adams►Dating Game Director
Maria Bertrand►Stud Bachelorette
J. Todd Anderson►Stud Bachelor
Brad Pitt►Brad, Bachelor #1
Matt Damon►Matt, Bachelor #2
Murray Langston►Actual Unknown Comic
Marlida Ferreira►Woman in Pub
Julia Roberts►Patricia Watson
Jérôme Tiberghien►Englishman
Michael Ensign►Simon Oliver
Martin Kevan►Chuck’s Father
Claudia Besso►Chuck’s Mother
Isabelle Juneau►Amana Girl
Nathalie Morin►Bachelorette Winner
Tony Zanca►Bachelor Winner
Sergei Priselkov►Shaving Man
Rutger Hauer►Keeler
Norman Roy►Colbert
Marlene Fisher►Casting Executive Woman
Richard Kind►Casting Executive Man
Suyun Kim►Asian Folksinger #1
Shu Lan Tuan►Asian Folksinger #2 
Andre Minicozzi►Gong Show Band
Richard Beaudet►Gong Show Band
Ron Di Lauro►Gong Show Band
Peter N. Wilson►Gong Show Band
Bruce Pepper►Gong Show Band
Francois St-Pierre►Gong Show Band
Bridget Powers►Little Person
Krista Allen►Pretty Woman
George Randolph►Gene Gene
Pascale Devigne►Critic 
Carlo Berardinucci►Waiter
Tanya Anthony►Prostitute
Andy Quesnel►Gong Show Model 
Keshav Patel►Elvis Singer
James Urbaniak►Rod Flexner
Leslie Cottle►L.A. Bar Woman
Dino Tosques►L.A. Bartender
Joe Cobden►Unknown Comic
Ethan Thomas C. Dempster►Chuck Age 3
Tommy Hinkley►Hambone Man
Bill Corday►Justice of the Peace
Chuck Barris►Self – Present Day
Claire Brosseau►Office Worker 
Vikki Carr►Singer 
Veronica Chanel►
Olga Janina Chrzanowska►Bachelorette 
Sally Clelford►Bachelorette in Blue 
Sabrina Culver►Playmate 
Izabela Daszkiewicz►Chuck Barris Dance Crew 
Darcy Donavan►Playmate 
Joey Elias►Drunk 
Bob Eubanks► (archive footage) 
Jamie Farr► (archive footage) 
Akiva Goldsman►Playboy Party Guest 
Marc Gourdeau►CIA Agent 
Benoit Guerin►Jim Byrd Lookalike 
Dale Hayes►NBC Clerk 
Mariah Inger►Principal 
Arte Johnson►(archive footage) 
Spencer Kayden►Crowd Scene Participant 
André Laforest►Chainsaw man 
Krista Morin►Bachelorette in Yellow 
Mike Paterson►Employee #3 
Conrad Pla►Large Man 
Robert Reynolds►Boardroom Personnel 

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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