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Divine Love (2019)


Opening at June 27, 2019 in theaters

“Divino Amor”

Drama, Sci-Fi

Gabriel Mascaro’s third feature (NEON BULL) is a controversial, erotic, futuristic gospel as well as an intelligent indictment of growing conservatism in Brazil.

Brazil in the year 2027. Joana, a registry office officer, is responsible for handling divorce cases. However, from her religious beliefs she sees it as her personal mission to save these failed marriages. One of the means she uses is the secret, unconventional group Divino Amor, a hyper-religious club where everything is done to bring couples closer together through sexual excesses. Meanwhile, the devout Joana and her husband Danilo do everything they can to get pregnant, without shunning any means. Their devotion and prayers don’t seem to be heard until a miracle happens.

Director: Gabriel Mascaro

Writers: Gabriel Mascaro, Rachel Daisy Ellis, Esdras Bezerra, Lucas Paraizo, Marcelo Gomes

Stars: Dira Paes, Julio Machado, Antonio Pastich, Rubens Santos, Clayton Mariano, Luciano Mallmann, Teca Pereira


Dira PaesJoana
Julio MachadoDanilo
Antonio PastichVigilante do Cartório
Rubens SantosGenivaldo – Cliente que registra a filha
Clayton MarianoRodrigo – Casal Cartório
Luciano MallmannMaurício – Chefe do Cartório
Teca PereiraMestra Dalva – Mestra do Grupo Divino Amor
Suzy LopesAmanda – Lavagem e Grupo Divino Amor
Thardelly LimaHenrique – Lavagem e Grupo Divino Amor
Tony SilvaPastor do Batismo
Gabriel MascaroCarteiro
Emílio de MelloPastor do Drive Thru
Mariana NunesLígia – Casal Cartório e Divino Amor
Thalita CarautaJanice – Cliente da Assinatura
Flávio Luiz dos SantosPorteiro do Divino Amor
Marcela CorreiaLeitura – Divino Amor
Carlos AlbertoLeitura – Divino Amor
Arthur CanavarroMédico
Clebia SousaSueli – Cartório
Márcio FecherMarido de Sueli – Cartório
Tuna DwekAna – Casal Cartório e Grupo Divino Amor
Thiago JustinoFred – Casal Cartório e Grupo Divino Amor
Nivaldo NascimentoVoluntário – Lar de Acolhimento
Edilson SilvaEdivaldo – Casal Se Divorciando
Nataly RochaVanessa – Casal Se Divorciando
Giovanni FerreiraSegurança do Shopping
Marília SoutoAuxiliar de Consultório
Paula CohenVizinha de Joana
Sandro GuerraBaltazar – Cartório
Calum RioFilho de Joana – Narração (voice)
João VolpiDJ Radical Livre (voice)
Kleber ValentimGrupo Divino Amor


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