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El hoyo (2019) (The Platform)


Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller |

The Platform; It describes the food service structure in the prison, which was built vertically, where two prisoners were deployed on each floor, and a square space in the middle. Of course, there is an pecking order on the platform (ranks change randomly). The top floor (at the zero point) eats the best quality foods. The invitation table, which is filled with these dishes, is piled by prisoners until it reaches the bottom, as it stops for two minutes on each floor as it travels to the prison consisting of hundreds of floors.

As a result, the top-floor ones are the best-fed ones, and the bottom-ones are leftovers. In fact, the table is claimed to be prepared enough for everyone at zero point. The reason why the food is not enough until the bottom floor is that the prisoners are greedy and eat more than they need.

The prisoners’s cells are changed randomly every month. There is a system of justice in this way. In other words, a prisoner cannot be at the top of the chain and eat the best meals throughout his/her life.

The leading role is the character Goreng, who opened his eyes in prison. We don’t know if Goreng committed a crime or his own preference. Goreng uses this place as a place where he listens to his head for 6 months. Many seem to exist here to heal themselves. Goreng learns that from cellmate Trimagasi, who was sent to prison for accidentally killing an immigrant and he is old and experienced.  He sees things are working very strangely in prison. As Goreng learns what happened, he loses his initial innocence.

He starts to fight fiercely with prisoners who eat each other because he cannot find food. Even in such a situation, being on a ship full of racism, bullying, and greed becomes a nightmare. He has difficulty maintaining mental balance. It’s a movie that takes place inside the prison, all of which we have described above. There is no picture about the outside world. Even in scenes with Goreng’s admission to the prison, there is a very dark, compelling visual structure that we do not see the outside world.

In the platform, which is built as a magnificent laboratory that experiments on people, we see what level we are in humanity. Have a nice watch…

Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

Writers: David Desola (screenplay by), David Desola (story by), Pedro Rivero (screenplay by)

Stars: Ivan Massagué, Zorion Eguileor, Antonia San Juan, Emilio Buale, Alexandra Masangkay


Ivan MassaguéGoreng
Zorion EguileorTrimagasi
Antonia San JuanImoguiri
Emilio BualeBaharat
Alexandra MasangkayMiharu
Zihara LlanaMali
Mario PardoAmigo de Baharat
Algis ArlauskasPreso
Txubio Fernández de JáureguiJefe de Restaurante (as Txubio Fernández)
Eric GoodeSr. Brambang (as Eric L. Goode)
Óscar OliverCocinero
Chema TrujilloPreso Nivel 5
Miriam MartínPresa Nivel 5
Gorka ZufiaurrePreso Síndrome de Down
Miriam K. MartxanteCocinera
Miren GaztañagaCocinera
Braulio CortésCocinero
Javier MediavillaCocinero
Álvaro OrellanaCocinero
Juan DopicoCocinero
Lian Xu ShaoCocinera

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