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For the Sake of Vicious (2020)


Coming Out at April 19, 2021 on digital

Action, Horror, Mystery

For the Sake of Vicious is action horror film directed and written by Reese Eveneshen & Gabriel Carrer. The film stars Lora Burke, Nick Smyth, Colin Paradine, James Fler, T.J. Kennedy, Adam Ewings and Boris Milinkovich. It primiered at September 2, 2020 on Fantasia Film Festival.

Romina, an overworked nurse and single mother returns home from her late shift on Halloween night to find a maniac hiding out with a bruised and beaten hostage. When an unexpected wave of violent intruders descends upon her home, the trio realize the only way out of the situation is to work together and fight for their survival.

Directors: Gabriel Carrer, Reese Eveneshen

Writers: Reese Eveneshen, Gabriel Carrer

Stars: Lora Burke, Nick Smyth, Colin Paradine, James Fler, T.J. Kennedy, Adam Ewings, Boris Milinkovich


Lora BurkeRomina
Nick SmythChris
Colin ParadineAlan
James FlerGerald
T.J. KennedyPapa
Adam EwingsOscar
Boris MilinkovichTango
Nick SpartanEcho
Dorian AllenDelta
Mavis Ruth StuartAlan’s Youngest
Ayden BryceAlan’s Oldest
Alexis KordupelLittle Witch
Erin StuartNurse
Billy CottrellBiker
Jim LuesinkBiker
Mac YoungBiker


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