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Good Girls Season 4 will be on NBC at March 7, 2021


Comedy, Crime, Drama / TV-Series (2018)

The girls are back in hot water. Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman return for Season 4 of Good Girls, premiering Sunday, March 7, 2021 on NBC.

When we last left the show, Phoebe was closer than ever to getting dirt on the main girls after securing Ruby’s phone. When she goes to meet Ruby, Beth, and Annie in the park, who are celebrating their recent successes, something seems off. The women dodge her questions, and it’s unclear where the story’s going to go from here.

What does Phoebe know after swiping Ruby’s phone? Is she going to further entrench herself into their criminal doings? How is Dave going to factor into all of this? Hopefully, we’ll get answers to these questions and more when season 4 of Good Girls comes out.

Creators: Jenna Bans

Directors: Michael Weaver, Eric Tignini, Dylan K. Massin, Andrew McCarthy, Phil Traill, Sara Zandieh, Lee Friedlander

Writers: Jenna Bans, Ester Lou Weithers, Helen Childress, Ester Lou Weithers, Bill Krebs, Carla Banks-Waddles, Greta Heinemann, Chantelle Wells, Jeremy Gordon, Vanessa Mancos

Stars: Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Whitman, Reno Wilson, Manny Montana, Lidya Jewett, Matthew Lillard, Isaiah Stannard


Christina Hendricks► Beth Boland 
Retta► Ruby Hill 
Mae Whitman► Annie Marks 
Reno Wilson► Stan Hill 
Manny Montana► Rio  
Lidya Jewett► Sara Hill 
Matthew Lillard► Dean Boland 
Isaiah Stannard► Sadie Marks 
Braxton Bjerken► Kenny Boland 
James Lesure► FBI Agent Turner
Everleigh McDonell► Jane Boland 
Danny Boyd Jr.► Harry Hill 
Scarlett Abinante► Emma Boland 
Mason Shea Joyce► Danny Boland 
David Hornsby► Boomer  
Carlos Aviles► Mick  
Caleb Emery► Baby Tyler 
Zach Gilford► Gregg  
Rob Heaps► Dr. Josh Cohen
Sally Pressman► Nancy  
David Miranda► Marcus  
Ione Skye► Gayle Meyer 
Noureen DeWulf► Krystal  
Lauren Lapkus► Agent Phoebe Donnegan
Julian Gant► JT  
Rodney To► Henry  
Wesley Kimmel► Tim  
Nicholas Alexander► Darren  
Jackie Cruz► Rhea  
Wesam Keesh► Max  
Ethan Suplee► Gil  
David Theune► Eric  
Damien Leake► Pastor  
Shane Coffey► Kevin  
Charlyne Yi► Lucy   
Madeline Zima► Lila  
Jessica Walter► Judith  
Nandini Bapat► Meg  
Andrew McCarthy► Mr. Fitzpatrick 
Porscha Coleman► Mindy  
Bob Clendenin► Therapist  
John Bishop► Pawn Shop Guy
Naomi Grossman► Dr. Amanda Johnson
James Immekus► Sean  
Iris Bahr► Clinic Doctor 
Mary Jo Catlett► Dorothy  
Irene Choi► Amy  
Kale Clauson► Neal Groves 
Adam Kulbersh► Moving Company Manager
Ptolemy Slocum► Carl  
Cyd Strittmatter► Police Review Board
Dan Aid► Troy  
Judy Kain► Mrs. Harris 
John Pirruccello► Jason  
Grant Thompson► Police Officer 
Audrey Wasilewski► Jenny  
Eddie Alfano► Xavier  
Megan Gorman► Kim  
Memphis Taylor► Thug #1 
Brent Jeremih► Thug #2 
Melanie Mosley► Police Officer 
Heidi Méndez► Elderly Lady 
Heather Olt► Uber Driver 
John Gloria► Luke the Cop
Spanky Loco► Thug #3 
Alex Jayne Go► Fiona  
Megan Thee Stallion► Onyx  
Ronit Aranoff► Young Mother 
Maggie Carney► Waitress  
Ellen Doyle► Young Card Customer
Angela Fornero► Vet Tech 
Robert Timothy Smith► Hayden  
Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera► Salon Manager 
Lee Bingham► Worker  
Paige Collins► Pregnant Woman 
Dominique Morton► Kyle  
Marilyn Sue Perry► Desk Nurse 
Bo Youngblood► Nail Customer 
Christian Barber► Business Bro 
David Douglas► Pack n’ Ship Customer
Kiel Kennedy► Salesman  
Jessica B. Wellington► Tattoo Artist 
Louisa Abernathy► Elderly Lady 
Sandra Benton► Lisa  
Andre Boyer► Four Star Salesman
Antonimar Murphy► Mercedes  
Jon Snow► Officer  
Gail Bianchi► Developer Lady 
Brad Crowe► Angry Man 
Zedrick Restauro► Guy  
Krishna Smitha► Angela the Receptionist
Monica Bhatnagar► EMT  
Scott Manuel Johnson► Developer Guy 
Lisa Schurga► Gwen  
Sunil Narkar► Customer  
Poonam Basu► Waitress  
Ryan McGrath► Bartender  


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