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Green Zone (2010)


Action, Drama, Thriller

Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass re-team for their latest electrifying thriller in “Green Zone”, a film set in the chaotic early days of the Iraqi War when no one could be trusted and every decision could detonate unforeseen consequences.

During the U.S.-led occupation of Baghdad in 2003, Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Damon) and his team of Army inspectors were dispatched to find weapons of mass destruction believed to be stockpiled in the Iraqi desert. Rocketing from one booby-trapped and treacherous site to the next, the men search for deadly chemical agents but stumble instead upon an elaborate cover-up that inverts the purpose of their mission.

Spun by operatives with intersecting agendas, Miller must hunt through covert and faulty intelligence hidden on foreign soil for answers that will either clear a rogue regime or escalate a war in an unstable region. And at this blistering time and in this combustible place, he will find the most elusive weapon of all is the truth.

Director: Paul Greengrass

Writers: Brian Helgeland, Rajiv Chandrasekaran (book)

Stars: Matt Damon, Jason Isaacs, Greg Kinnear, Amy Ryan, Igal Naor, Khalid Abdalla, Brendan Gleeson


Igal NaorAl Rawi
Said FarajSeyyed Hamza
Faycal AttouguiAl Rawi Bodyguard (as Faical Attougui)
Aymen HamdouchiAyad Hamza
Matt DamonMiller
Nicoye BanksPerry
Jerry Della SallaWilkins
Sean HuzeConway
Michael J. DwyerMet-D (as Michael Dwyer)
Edouard H.R. GluckMet-D
Brian SiefkesMet-D
Adam WendlingMet-D
Abdul HendersonMet-D
Paul KarskoMet-D
Robert MillerMet-D
Eugene CherryMet-D
Alexander DrumMet-D
Brian VanRiperMet-D (as Brian Van Riper)
Matthew KnottMet-D
Nathan LewisMet-D
John RobersonInfantry Sergeant
Troy BrownSoldier at WMD Site (as James Brown)
Raad RawiAhmed Zubaidi
Bijan DaneshmandZubaidi’s Aide
Amy RyanLawrie Dayne
Greg KinnearClark Poundstone
Bryan ReentsPoundstone Aide
Michael JudgeJMOC Tech
Paul JonahJMOC Soldier (as Paul Jones)
Michael O’NeillColonel Bethel
Patrick St. EspritMilitary Intel 2 Star
Allen VaughtColonel Jonathan Vaught
Paul RieckhoffGonzales
Brendan GleesonMartin Brown
Martin McDougallBrown’s Aide
Antoni CoroneColonel Lyons
Timothy AhernGeneral at VTC
Ben SlineyBureaucrat at VTC
Whitley BrunerSenior CIA Man at VTC
Khalid AbdallaFreddy
Intishal Al TimimiHawkish Iraqi
Driss RoukheTahir al-Malik
Muayad AliQasim
Jamal SelmaouiHawkish Aide (as Jamal Selamoui)
Mohamed KafiIraqi Officer
Kadhum SaburMystery Man
Hillal BoubkerQasim Aide (as Boubker Hilal)
Soumaya AkaabouneSanaa
Thamou El MetouaniSeyyed’s Housekeeper
Salah Eddine ElamariSeyyed’s Son
Naji El JouharySeyyed’s Son
Aroun BenchkarounSeyyed’s Son
Hajar MachrouneSeyyed’s Daughter
Jason IsaacsBriggs
Scott BerendesTF221
Abdelkrim AssadTF221 (as Abdelkarim Assad)
Michael DiazTF221
Doug ScottTF221 (as Doug Stott)
Tyler ChristenTF221
Adam MackeyTF221
Ben HollandTF221
Jeffrey John CarisalezTF221 (as Jeffrey Carisalez)
Jonathan StoneTF221
James HodgesTF221
Larry LewisTF221
William OakesCamp Cropper Tech
Ziad AdwanTranslator
Ian BendelCamp Cropper Guard
Venie JoshuaCamp Cropper Guard
Miguel BerroaCamp Cropper Guard
Peter ShayhornCamp Cropper Guard
Miguel PalaugalarzaCamp Cropper Warden
Christopher LillyCamp Cropper Warden
Sabir Ed-DayabIraqi Prisoner
Omar BerdouniRighteous Ali
Alex MooreCIA Tech
Alistair BaileyCIA Tech
Eric LorenCIA Tech
Paul CloutierSpecial Forces Tech
Wallace BagwellAlpha Leader 1
William MeredithCPA Presser
Tommy CampbellChopper Comms Commander
James WillsChopper Comms Tech
Jered BezemekConvoy Commander
Johnny NilssonRepublican Palace Reporter
Salman HassanZubaidi Conference Speaker #1
Ammar KhdirZubaidi Conference Speaker #2
Youssif Falah-JassemZubaidi Conference Speaker #3
Latif Al AnziZubaidi Conference Speaker #4
Brice BexterUS Journalist
Vic BlickemAmerican Under Escort
George W. BushSelf (archive footage)
James CurrieTF221
Nicholas DellavitaSoldier
Shirin Prash MonazahHousekeeper’s Wife
Robert Harrison O’NeilTV News Cameraman
Freshta RaperMember of Iraqi Governing Council
Mark ShrimptonTF221
Pedro TheyeCIA Agent

Sources: imdb

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