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Hearts and Bones (2019)


Opening at November 20, 2020 in theaters


A war photographer has just returned home to prepare for his latest exhibition when a South Sudanese refugee appears at his door with a request – that he not exhibit any photographs of the massacre in his village, taken 15 years earlier. What emerges is an unlikely friendship between the two men. While sifting through the photographer’s archive, they make a startling discovery – the refugee’s daughter, thought dead, may still be alive. As more revelations arise, both men begin to question their past and in their search, they discover salvation.

Director: Ben Lawrence

Writers: Beatrix Christian, Ben Lawrence

Stars: Hugo Weaving, Andrew Luri, Hayley McElhinney, Bolude Watson, Alan Dukes, Melanie De Ferranti, Toni Scanlan


Hugo WeavingDan Fisher
Andrew LuriSebastian Ahmed
Hayley McElhinneyJosie Avril
Bolude WatsonAnishka Ahmed
Alan DukesGraham Fisher
Melanie De FerrantiClaire Fisher
Toni ScanlanAda Williams
Brandon BurkeDoctor Matrozis
Victoria HaralabidouDr. Angela Makris
Fran KellySelf
Karim ZreikaAbad
Michael KotsohilisAli
Jamie OxenbouldPete Brunsworth
Danielle KingJanine
Antonia PuglisiKalmira’s Babysitter
Aker ShagougMariam Taban
Jack ScottState Library Information Man
Lucy DohertyPre-natal Yoga Instructor
Nick LathourisWidow Neighbour
Simon MelkiDead Iraqi Councillor
Teresa ZaidanDead Wife of Iraqi Councillor
Ava CaryofyllisIraqi Minefield Girl
Samira MasiangKalmira Ahmed – Baby 1
Arrawai MasiangKalmira Ahmed – Baby 2
Sadiqah ErinleKalmira Ahmed – 16 Months
Edmund AllenRose Bay Infant
Neal HortonMaxi Taxi Driver
Vinnie CookEve in Polaroid
Dash EnfieldEve in Photos
Sammila SitoleChoir
Pat PowellChoir
Gassin Obeide AlameddineChoir
Mohamed BangouraChoir
Tendai DzwairoChoir
Eric NdabunguyeChoir
Dereb DesalegnChoir
Demetra ProestosHospital Visitor
Deng DengSudanese Militia Machete Man
Lawrence OlaHospital Patient
John Puckeridge-WebbHospital Nurse
Jared QuinnExhibition Attendee
Ling Cooper TangRuth
Brett WatkinsPedestrian


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