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Here After (2020)


Coming Out at June 13, 2021 on digital and June 16 in theaters

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Here After is fantasy romance film directed and written by Harry Greenberger. The film stars Nora Arnezeder, Andy Karl, Christina Ricci, Jackie Cruz, Michael Rispoli, Jeannie Berlin and Nikki M. James. The film primiered at March 7, 2020 on Cinequest Film Festival.

When a struggling actor (Andy Karl) dies right after a bad breakup, he finds himself in singles Purgatory where he must find his soul mate in order to cross over to the other side. Dating in New York City was hard when he was alive, but now he must navigate the new customs of a ghostly dating scene if he wants to join the afterlife.

Director: Harry Greenberger

Writer: Harry Greenberger

Stars: Nora Arnezeder, Andy Karl, Christina Ricci, Jackie Cruz, Michael Rispoli, Jeannie Berlin, Nikki M. James


Nora Arnezeder►Honey Bee
Christina Ricci►Scarlett
Jackie Cruz►Susan
Michael Rispoli►Angelo
Jeannie Berlin►Goldie
Andy Karl►Michael
Nikki M. James►Faith
Florencia Lozano►Amy
Cindy Cheung►Carol
Elissa Middleton►Barbie
Alex Hurt►Patrick
Gabrielle Ryan►Megan
Richard Topol►Jay
Taylor Rose►Tasha
Heidi Germaine Schnappauf►Abby
Heather Litteer►Ginger
Obi Abili►Stranger
Kathy Searle►Karen
Ray Iannicelli►Dad
Bisserat Tseggai►Actress
Toni D’Antonio►Officer Souza
Megan Haley►Rita
Christine Jones►Bonnie
Toccarra Cash►Tricia
Jill Shackner►Jenny
Mike Bocchetti►Reader
Maya Deshmukh►Sheri
Sarah Ellen Stephens►Lindsay
Craig Geraghty►Craig
Adrienne Gandolfi►Champagne Twin 1
Rev Paul Bearer►Wally
Emeka Guindo►Harvey
Amy Gandolfi►Champagne Twin 2
Carla Rhodes►Carla

( Read more cast details on imdb )

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