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Incendies (2010)


Drama, Mystery, War

When notary Lebel (Girard) sits down with Jeanne and Simon Marwan (Désormeaux-Poulin, Gaudette) to read them their mother’s will Nawal (Azabal), the twins are stunned to receive a pair of envelopes one for the father they thought was dead and another for a brother they didn’t know existed. In this enigmatic inheritance, Jeanne sees the key to Nawals retreat into unexplained silence during the final weeks of her life. She immediately decides to go to the Middle East to dig into a family history of which she knows next to nothing.

Simon is unmoved by the posthumous mind games of a mother who was always distant and cold. However, the love he has for his sister is strong, and he soon joins her in combing their ancestral homeland in search of a Nawal who is very different from the mother they knew.

With Lebels help, the twins piece together the story of the woman who brought them into the world, discovering a tragic fate forever marked by war and hatred as well as the courage of an exceptional woman. An adaptation of Wajdi Mouawads hit play, Incendies, is a deeply moving coming-of-age story that brings the horror of war to a starkly personal level, delivering a powerful and poetic testament to the indelible scars of the cycle of violence, and the uncanny power of the will to survive.

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Writers: Denis Villeneuve, Wajdi Mouawad, Valérie Beaugrand-Champagne

Stars: Lubna Azabal, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, Maxim Gaudette, Rémy Girard, Abdelghafour Elaaziz, Mohamed Majd, Allen Altman


Mustafa KamelBarbier de la Milice / Officer Milice Chrétienne
Hussein SamiNihad (5ans)
Rémy GirardNotaire Jean Lebel
Mélissa Désormeaux-PoulinJeanne Marwan
Maxim GaudetteSimon Marwan
Dominique BriandProfessor Niv Cohen
Lubna AzabalNawal Marwan
Frédéric PaquetMédecin a l’urgence
Hamed NajemWahab
Ahmad MassadBassem Marwan
Bader AlamiNicolas Marwan
Majida HusseinGrand-mére de Nawal
Asriah NijresSage-Femme
John Dunn-HillProfesseur Saïd Haidar
Nadia EssadiqiSecrétaire Université
Chaouki CharbelProfesseur Université
Axel GarbiUniversitaire #1
Amine BenzenineUniversitaire #2
Joyce RaieÉtudiante Journaliste
Celine SoulierJournaliste Française
Sumaya Al-AttiaRafqa (as Sumaya Attia)
Mohammad Rasheed AjlouniÉtudiant à Bout de Souffle
Nabil KoniOncle Charbel
Laila QutubJeune Cousine de Nawal
Raja’a HikmaTante de Nawal
Rand FarisAutre Cousine de Nawal
Hayef Majeed MubarakVoisin
Sulwan DaoudSoldat Checkpoint #1
Nafeh NiamSoldat Checkpoint #2
Widad ShafagoDemme à l’orphelinat
Baker KabbaniVieux Berger
Basel Karim HazemConducteur Autobus
Jackie SawirisMére
Noura WaleedFillette
Kamal FanniMilicien #1
Abdallah HweidiMilicien #2
Firas FanniMilicien #3
Ramzi FanniMilicien #4
Fadel Abdel LatifÉpicier
Ali HusseinAhmed
Zeinab MohammadJeunne Fille à la Porte
Rehab HazimFillette
Baraka RahmaniSamia
Yada MahmoudFemme #1
Hadeel HishamFemme #2
Hind KamelFemme #3
Rasmeyeh LefteySouha
Lara AtallaFemme en Colére #1
Sajida HusseinFemme en Colére #2
Raya QaraeinFemme en Colére #3
Ahmad SrourHomme Masqué
Ali ElayanChef de la Milice Chrétienne
Anton AtallaAssistant Chef de la Milice
Karim ShiyabInvité #1
Kamal Al MuhaisenInvité #2
Marwan DudinWajdi
Maria MohammediÉpiuse du Chief de la Milice
Zalfa ChelhotNouchine
Michael ZananiriMilicien #5
Shadi Bishara Jou’anehMilicien #6
Robert AuclairBarbierde la Prison
Belkacem LahbairiGuide de la Prison
Nabil SawalhaFahim
Camille RizkallahGardien de la Prison #1 (as Camille Rizkalla)
Abdelghani Ben RafaliaGardien de la Prison #2
Abdelghafour ElaazizAbou Tarek
Baya BelalMaika
Georges KhayatGardien à la Riviére
Allen AltmanNotaire Maddad
Christine Aubin KhalifahInfirmiére sons Palliatifs
Mohammad SamiEnfant décombres #1
Sam JamalEnfant décombres #2
Jihad HazemEnfant décombres #3
Ram QabilJeune Homme Décombres
Yousef SoufanNihad (15 ans)
Yousef ShweihatGuide de Deressa (as Yousef Shuwayhat)
Jabar RisheqHamid
Karim BabinHomme de Chamseddine #1
Adel LadikaniHomme de Chamseddine #2
Mher KarakashianAssistant de Chamseddine
Mohamed MajdChamseddine
Aladeen TawfeekAmi de Nihad
Sam ChamasPatient

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