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Initiation (2020)


Releasing at May 7, 2021 in theaters

Crime, Horror, Mystery

Initiation is mystery horror film directed by John Berardo, and written by John Berardo, Brian Frager, Lindsay LaVanchy. The film stars Froy Gutierrez, Lochlyn Munro, Yancy Butler, Bart Johnson, Jon Huertas, Gattlin Griffith and Isabella Gomez. It primiered at October 2020 on Sitges Film Festival.

Sex, drugs and cyber-bullying collide in this edgy slasher about a cruel social media game that spins out of control. Initiation sees Whiton University unravel on the night a star-athlete is murdered in the wake of a buried assault allegation, kicking off a spree of social media-linked slayings. As a masked killer targets students across campus, a trio of sorority sisters races to uncover the truth behind the school’s hidden secrets — and the horrifying meaning of an exclamation point – before they become the next victims. A thought-provoking thrill ride starring Bart Johnson, Yancy Butler, Lochlyn Munro, Jon Huertas and Froy Gutierrez, Initiation was written and directed by John Barardo.

Director: John Berardo

Writers: John Berardo, Brian Frager, Lindsay LaVanchy

Stars: Froy Gutierrez, Lochlyn Munro, Yancy Butler, Bart Johnson, Jon Huertas, Gattlin Griffith, Isabella Gomez


Froy GutierrezWes Scott
Lochlyn MunroBruce Van Horn
Yancy ButlerDetective Sandra Fitzgerald
Jon HuertasOfficer Rico Martinez
Gattlin GriffithBeau Vaughn
Isabella GomezKylie
Bart JohnsonCoach Miles Cooper
Amber Pauline MagdesyanSorority Sister
Patrick R. WalkerMalik
Nick BallardTad Rivers
Kent FaulconChief Adam Tahan
Jeff WillyInvestigator
Shalini BathinaMeera Madan
Mel FairBrett Vaughn
Debra De LisoDana Thompson
David M Sandoval Jr.Hillsboro Police Officer Barham
Betsy HumeJean Reeves
Lindsay LaVanchyEllery Scott
Miles Quincy MartinWhiton Security Guard
Adin KolanskyAlvin
Adam PepperSecurity Officer
Olga BalabanSorority Sister
Mark TaorminoCameraman
Gary L. WilsonHillsboro Police officer
Shireen LaiShayleen Zhou
Maxwell HamiltonTyler
Saki OhwadaStudent
Trina BorelliSorority Sister
Henry VegaWhiton University Campus Police
Hassan AInvestigator
Cody DukeFrat Bro
Reilly BakerHot Girl
Rome RomanneReporter
Jake BoldtCampus Security
Loulu NevySorority Sister
Brian FragerOfficer Rummel
Ed StasikCollege Administrator
Anthony TaiPolice Officer
JulianaWhiton Security Guard
Adam ValenciaSwimmer
Natalie RhodesSorority Sister
Olivia Doskey-MulvaneySorority Sister
James BragintonCollege Administrator
John Michael MurpheyCollege Administrator
James BerardoDylan
Byron LukeWhiton Security Guard
Nikki PatendisSorority Girl
Tony PorathStudent
Stephanie StanzianoStudent
Ariana SaighSorority Sister
Max GoodStudent
Grace YounStudent
Brian BerglundPolice Officer
Corey CrandallOfficer Lee
Tommy TorresCameraman
Danny Giacomini
Kristin ScrenciSorority Sister
Maia KroppSorority Sister
Tiarra DowellSorority Sister
Carlos Enrique CastroCollege Administrator
Alondra OrnSorority Sister
William EcheverriSecurity Officer
Avery ShiverSorority Sister
Maitlin CombsSorority Sister
J.P. CastelSwimmer
Sabira EvansCampus Security
Mitzi VazquezStudent
Brody DylanFraternity Brother
Zachary ZeoliFraternity Brother
Ryan Alverez-CohenFraternity Brother
Justin DubeeCampus Security
Alex VillalobosFraternity Brother
Tralicia MontgomeryCollege Administrator
Taylor NossamanSorority Sister
Mike MurpheyCollege Administrator
Luma HaidousStudent
Byron PraeterPolice Officer
Miguel MoisésFraternity Brother
Dean RoweFraternity Guy
Samira MorinSorority Sister
Bronte BrilliantesSorority Sister
Jasmine ShafaSorority Sister
Sabra Maddock-JardineCollege Administrator
Brian MaldonadoStudent
Jennifer SongSorority Sister
Carlos CastroCollege Administrator
Mark RodgersCameraman
Max IsraelTA
Kailyn DillonStudent
Lillian HoffmanReporter
Jeffrey TiptonScience Administrator
Jeanne TestarossaSorority Sister
Rafael EwertStudent
Mike SumilangStudent
Alexis GaldamezFraternity Brother
Eric LauPledge
Juliana FierroCampus Security
Malley DohertySorority Sister
Lester CheungFraternity Brother
Stephen PeevyFraternity Brother


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