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Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 Opening on Netflix at May 7, 2021


Action, Adventure, Drama / TV-Series (2021)

Jupiter’s Legacy is an upcoming American superhero streaming television series created by Steven S. DeKnight, based on the comic book series by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely, that is set to premiere only on Netflix May 7, 2021.

Jupiter’s Legacy follows the story of the world’s first superheroes who received their powers in the 1930s. In the present day, they are the revered elder guard but their superpowered children struggle to live up to the legendary feats of their parents.

Frank Quitely, the original comic book artist, picks up his pen again for this official first look at Mark Millar’s Jupiter’s Legacy. The first generation of superheroes have kept the world safe for nearly a century. Now their children must live up to their legacy.

Directors: Charlotte Brändström, Christopher J. Byrne, Marc Jobst, Steven S. DeKnight

Writers: Julia Cooperman, Steven S. DeKnight, Henry G.M. Jones, Mark Millar, Brian Gunn, Mark Gunn

Stars: Andrew Horton, Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, Leslie Bibb, Ian Quinlan, Tyler Mane, Elena Kampouris


Meg Steedle Jane
Anna Akana Raikou
Tyrone Benskin Willie Smalls
Jess Salgueiro Jacinda Dos Santos
Gracie Dzienny Ruby Red
Humberly González Grabriela Zavala (Neutrino)
Morgan David Jones Jack Frost
Tyler Mane Blackstar
Ian Quinlan Hutch
Paul Amos Barnabas Wolfe
Genevieve DeGraves Margaret Rinsdale
Murray Furrow Van Dyke
Matthew MacFadzean Roscoe
Aiza Ntibarikure Sierra Ectoplex
Stephen Oyoung Barry Bishop
Sylvain Plasse Brothel Patron
Kara Royster Ghostbeam
Martin Zolotarev Little Sailor Boy
Rob Archer Reaver
Bart Badzioch Vasily Kulakov
Al Bayan Security guard
Sharon Belle Iron Orchid
Leslie Bibb Grace Sampson
John Bourgeois Percy
Tamiko Brownlee Goon #3
Darlene Cooke Birdie Small Eps 105
Ben Daniels Brainwave
Kathryn Davis Phaseout
Tenika Davis Petra Small
Jennifer De Lucia Leighton
Josh Duhamel Sheldon Sampson
Michael Dyson Kansas Proprietor
Jhene Erwin Katherine Morris
Michal Grzejszczak Reporter #5
Kira Guloien Amber
Sabine Halsey Young Chloe
James Gerald Hicks Tough #1
Andrew Horton Brandon Sampson
Piper Howell Little Girl
Celeste Insell Fitz Small’s Grandmother
Elena Kampouris Chloe Sampson
Robert B. Kennedy Officer Parsons
Matt Lanter George Hutchence
Jake Lewis Vulcaner
Julian Lewis Churchhill
Franco Lo Presti Nick
Gregg Lowe Flaming Fists
Cody Maltby
Paolo Mancini
Connie Manfredi Reporter #2
Nola Martin Mrs. Hutchence
Scott McCord John Ducarmont
Emily Siobhan McCourt Emma Ducarmont
Aidan McGraw Young Brandon
Jane Moffat Florence
Ahmed Moustafa ND Crew#2
Ishaan Natarajan Young Jake
Timothy Ng Shifty Dude
Ken Pham Dancer
Natallia Poliveanii VIP Bar guest
Nabil Rajo Axmed
Geraldine Ronan Actor
Philicia Saunders Waitress
Jessica Sipos Sunny
Jaime Slater Karen Bishop
Anouar H. Smaine Bertrand
Katharine King So Kaitlyn
Adrian Spencer Phillip
Julie St-Louis One Hit
Bryan Staggers Virgil
Chase Tang Baryon
Eric Tiede Henry VIII
Mike Wade Fitz Small
Clyde Whitham Priest


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