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Kim’s Convenience Season 5 (series finale) Opening on Netflix at June 2, 2021


Comedy / TV-Series (2016)

Canadian comedy series Kim’s Convenience returned for its fifth and now set to be final season on CBC in Canada and wasn’t made available on Netflix immediately however the wait is finally coming to an end with all episodes of the show set to hit Netflix at US in June 2, 2021.

In season 2, Appa and Umma pretend to live in a posh suburb so they can use its nice tennis courts—and universal generational differences, as when Appa reads Janet’s diary. Viewers didn’t mind. Kim’s Convenience was never a “struggle” show: The Kim family does not find it hard to maintain social relationships with various kinds of Canadians, and their business appears to be doing well. Appa and Umma are also always shown giving their love freely and often to their offspring and are never painted as being stereotypical “tiger parents.” The characters’ difficulties, such as Umma’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis, come not from their being Korean, but from the unrelenting course of life.

Directors: Justin Wu, Peter Wellington, Renuka Jeyapalan

Writers: Ins Choi, Kevin White, Clara Altimas, Matt Kippen, Anita Kapila, Jean Kim, Barbara Mamabolo, Zlatina Pacheva, Allana Reoch, Garry Campbell, Winter Tekenos-Levy, Emily Hurson, Rosamund Small, Shebli Zarghami

Stars: Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Jean Yoon, Andrea Bang, Simu Liu, Andrew Phung, Nicole Power, Ben Beauchemin, Michael Musi


Paul Sun-Hyung Lee Appa
Jean Yoon Umma
Andrea Bang Janet
Simu Liu Jung
Andrew Phung Kimchee Han
Nicole Power Shannon Ross
Ben Beauchemin Gerald Tremblay
Michael Musi Terence
Ziad Ek Omar
Akosua Amo-Adem Stacie
Sugith Varughese Mr. Mehta
Amanda Brugel Pastor Nina Gomez
Gabriella Sundar Singh Chelsea Chettiar
Derek McGrath Frank
Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll Enrique
Jenny Raven Gwen
John Ng Mr. Chin
Daren A. Herbert Kwami
Lara Arabian Mrs. Ada
Gavin Williams Cereal Customer
James Yi Jimmy Young
Aya Bryn Zakarya Not Melissa
Soo-Ram Kim Nayoung
Sydney Kuhne Tara
Nadine Djoury Dr. Garcia
Nadine Bhabha Ingrid
Zoe Doyle Ruth
Ryan Jinn Vince
Jana Peck Money Customer
Amy Rutherford Eleanor
Melissa Cultraro Tamson
Novie Edwards Linda
Christian Paul John
Andre Sills Leo
Kimberly-Ann Truong Liv
Rebecca Ablack Maya
Bella Caballero Pregnant Woman
Stephanie Belding Chatty Woman
Pay Chen Beverly Chan
Basel Daoud Omar’s Dad
Bahareh Yaraghi Omar’s Sister
Homa Magen Omar’s Grandmother
Shannon McDonough Producer
Mia SwamiNathan Becca

( Read more cast details on imdb )

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