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Kung Fu Hustle (2004)


Coming Out at 23 December 2004 in theaters

“Kung fu”

Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Kung Fu Hustle is action comedy film directed, produced and written by Stephen Chow, who also stars in the lead role. The other producers were Chui Po-chu and Jeffrey Lau, and the screenplay was co-written with Huo Xin, Chan Man-keung, and Tsang Kan-cheung. Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu, Danny Chan Kwok-kwan and Bruce Leung Siu-lung co-starred in prominent roles.

After the commercial success of Shaolin Soccer, its production company, Star Overseas, began to develop Kung Fu Hustle with Columbia Pictures Asia in 2002. The film features a number of retired actors famous for 1970s Hong Kong action cinema and has been compared to contemporary and influential wuxia films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero. The cartoon special effects in the film accompanied by traditional Chinese music, is often cited as its most striking feature.

In 1940s Shanghai, petty crooks Sing and Bone aspire to join the notorious Axe Gang, which rules the town with an iron fist under the leadership of the cold-blooded Brother Sum. The two visit Pigsty Alley, a rundown slum, where they claim to be Axemen and attempt to extort the residents before being chased off by the slum’s Landlady. In an attempt to bluff them, Sing throws a firecracker, which blows up the hat of a minor Axe Gang boss passing by. Sing blames the residents for throwing the firecracker, and the boss attacks a barber, only to be struck by an unseen assailant. The gang then calls for reinforcements while three of the tenants — Coolie, Tailor, and Donut — reveal themselves to be kung fu masters and triumph over the gang members. Fearing the Axe Gang’s retaliation, the Landlady quickly evicts the trio.

Director: Stephen Chow

Writers: Stephen Chow, Kan-Cheung Tsang, Xin Huo, Man Keung Chan

Stars: Stephen Chow, Wah Yuen, Qiu Yuen, Xiaogang Feng, Tze-Chung Lam, Wah Yuen, Zhihua Dong


Stephen ChowSing
Xiaogang FengCrocodile Gang Boss
Wah YuenLandlord
Zhihua DongDonut
Danny Kwok-Kwan ChanBrother Sum
Tze-Chung LamBone (Sing’s Sidekick)
Siu-Lung LeungThe Beast
Qiu YuenLandlady
Kai-Man TinAxe Gang Advisor
Kang Xi JiaHarpist #1
Hark-On FungHarpist #2
Shengyi HuangFong
Suet LamAxe Gang Vice General
Cheung-Yan YuenBeggar
Chi Ling ChiuTailor
Xing YuCoolie
Yibai ZhangInspector Chan
Si Lu RenSuzie
Xiaolong DingMr. Gold
Ming Ming ZhangMr. Silver
Oliver WongInspector
Kai Shi ChenRabbit-Tooth Jane
Wellson ChinNeighbour A
Wen Hui HeJiang Bao
David HungMr. Big
Billy MaAxe Gang Member
Hao Tian YuanLittle Sing
Min-Hun FungFour Eye Clerk
Nang YangNeighbour B
Chao Xia LiuNeighbour C

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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