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Last Call (2021)


Coming Out at March 19, 2021 in theaters


Last Call is comedy film directed by Paolo Pilladi, and written by Greg Lingo and Paolo Pilladi. The film stars Jeremy Piven, Taryn Manning, Bruce Dern, Zach McGowan, Jamie Kennedy, Jack McGee and Cheri Oteri.

A local success story and real estate developer, Mick (Jeremy Piven), returns home to his offbeat blue collar Irish neighborhood in the shadows of Philadelphia for a funeral and is obligated to stay to ensure his parents’ ailing family business gets back on course. Amidst all of this, he grows closer to his childhood crush (Taryn Manning) who is also back in town, while enduring the constant ridicule from his old hometown crew. As Mick begins to reconnect with the neighborhood he grew up in, he finds himself at a crossroads when forced to either raze or resurrect the family bar.

Director: Paolo Pilladi

Writers: Greg Lingo, Paolo Pilladi

Stars: Jeremy Piven, Taryn Manning, Bruce Dern, Zach McGowan, Jamie Kennedy, Jack McGee, Cheri Oteri


Jeremy PivenMick
Taryn ManningAli
Bruce DernCoach Finnegan
Zach McGowanDougal
Jamie KennedyWhitey
Jack McGeeLaurence
Cheri OteriDr. Baba Brown
Cathy MoriartyMrs. C
Jason James RichterSaville
Chris KersonPaddy
Betsy BeutlerCarla
Garry PastoreMr. Delvecchio
Royce JohnsonParker
Carrie KimLuna
Kresh NovakovicSteve Kelly
Dervla KirwanLeticia (Mick’s Mom) (voice)
Robert ClohessyAidan
Lauren FrancescaMorgan
Nikolai TsankovDimitri
Peter PatrikiosDigits
Joseph R. GannascoliCharlie
Leo KennedyYoung Paddy
Pete PostiglioneJonesy
Leticia CastilloMelanie
Cathy SalvodonSpecial Agent Williams
Al LineaSpecial Agent Frank Russo
Natasha Coppola-ShalomMolly
Lars GerhardFather Close
Rileigh McDonaldYoung Ali
Benjamin McGowanYoung Dougal
Narci ReginaMaya
Racine RussellMeghan
Julie StackhouseLisa
Fallon MaressaYeti
Marky RamoneTattoo Artist
Anthony FerroFred
Ozzie StewartFrancine
Oliver SternYoung mick
Robert HneleskiBig Guy
Susan VaronLeticia (Mick’s Mom)
Zach AtkinsonSaville’s Kid
Jen MorilloTacha
Edward TurnerYoung Whitey
Sofia Valentina CropperYoung Maria
Robert CuthillJimmy Blue Collar Guy
Gianna BarberaThe Milf
Kristen HungMrs. Ning
Valerie LaurySaville’s Wife
Matthew Sterling NyeJared


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