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Law School Season 1 Opening on The Swoon at April 14, 2021


Crime, Drama, Mystery / TV-Series (2021)

Law School is an upcoming internationally licensed South Korean Netflix Original legal K-Drama written by Seo In, and directed by Kim Seok-yoon. The development of Law School marks it as the first law school television drama in South Korea. The first episode of Law School will be released on Netflix at April 14, 2021.

When a professor is found dead on campus, everyone becomes a suspect overnight. As a group of students unravel this unusual case, they discover a web of unsettling secrets where a main suspect emerges—their “devil” professor.

Director: Suk-Yoon Kim

Writer: Seo In

Stars: Myung-Min Kim, Kim Bum, Hye-young Ryu, Lee Jeong-eun, Lee Da-wit, Soo-kyung Lee, Hyun Woo, Ko Yoon-Jung


Myung-Min Kim Yang Jong Hoon
Kim Bum Han Joon Hwi
Hye-young Ryu Kang Sol A
Lee Jeong-eun Kim Eun Sook
Lee Da-wit Seo Ji Ho
Soo-kyung Lee Kang Sol B
Hyun Woo Yoo Seung Jae
Ko Yoon-Jung Jeon Ye Seul
Nae-sang Ahn Seo Byung Ju 
Jae-ryong Cho Lee Man Ho 
Woo Hyeon Sung Dong Il 
Kim Joong-Ki Reporter Choi 
Won-joong Jung Assemblyman Ko Hyeong Su 
Hae-yeon Kil Oh Jeong Hee 
Hee-chang Kim Jang Dong Su 
Kang-ji Lee Min Bok Gi 
Kim Min-Seok Jo Ye Beom 
Man-Suk Oh Kang Ju Man 
Seo Suk-Kyu Detective 
Hyuk-kwon Park Jin Hyeong Woo
Sung Yeo-Jin Seo Byung Ju’s wife
Kim Yong-Joon Chief Prosecutor Kim
Mi-hyeon Park


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