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Love Season 1 will be on The Swoon at January 23, 2021


“Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)”

Drama, Romance / TV-Series (2021)

The normally stable lives of three women who work together at a radio station are shaken up suddenly. All of their love and success is about to fall apart. Are their happy marriages just an illusion? Starring Sung Hoon, Lee Tae-gon, Park Joo-mi, Jeon Soo-kyeong, Lee Ga-ryoung, and Jeon No-min.

It’s trouble in paradise for three women working at a radio show who have successful careers but all have relationships on the rocks. As they struggle to salvage their marriages, they’re forced to question whether their bonds were strong enough and worth fighting for in the first place.

Directors: Yoo Jeong-Joon, Lee Seung-Hoon

Writer: Sung-han Im

Stars: Sung Hoon, Lee Ga-Ryeong, Tae-gon Lee, Joo-mi Park, Soo-kyeong Jeon, No-min Jeon, Lee Min-Young, Hye-Won Jeon, Ji-in Song


Sung Hoon Pan Sa Hyeon
Lee Ga-Ryeong Boo Hye Ryung
Tae-gon Lee Shin Yoo Shin
Joo-mi Park Sa Pi Young
Soo-kyeong Jeon Lee Shi Eun
No-min Jeon Park Hae Ryun
Lee Min-Young Song Won
Hye-Won Jeon Park Hyang Gi
Ji-in Song

( Read more cast details on imdb )

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