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Me, Myself & Irene (2000)


Comedy |

Me, Myself & Irene is a 2000 American black comedy film directed by the Farrelly brothers, and starring Jim Carrey and Renée Zellweger. Chris Cooper, Robert Forster, Richard Jenkins, Daniel Greene, Anthony Anderson, Jerod Mixon and Mongo Brownlee co-star. The film is about a Rhode Island state trooper named Charlie who, after years of continuously suppressing his rage and feelings, suffers a psychotic breakdown that results in a second personality, Hank. This was also Carrey’s first role in a 20th Century Fox film. Also, the Farrelly brothers reunited with Carrey, the first time since Dumb and Dumber was released in 1994.

Charlie Baileygates (Jim Carrey) is a veteran Rhode Island state trooper who has been taken advantage of by those around him, including his wife Layla (Traylor Howard). Almost immediately after their wedding, Layla begins to cheat on Charlie with their wedding limo chauffeur, a dwarf black man named Shonté. Despite his friends warning him of Layla’s infidelity, Charlie refuses to accept it, even after she gave birth to black triplets. A few years later, Layla leaves with Shonté, abandoning her children. Charlie raises the triplets: Jamal, Lee Harvey, and Shonté Jr. (Anthony Anderson, Jerod Mixon, Mongo Brownlee). While Charlie is loved by the boys, he is continually abused by the rest of the town. As a result of years of such treatment, Charlie develops a split personality named Hank to deal with the confrontations Charlie avoids. Emerging whenever Charlie is under extreme stress, Hank is an over-the-top, rude, and violent persona reminiscent of characters played by Clint Eastwood. A psychiatrist prescribes medication to keep Hank at bay.

Directors: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly

Writers: Peter Farrelly, Mike Cerrone, Bobby Farrelly

Stars: Jim Carrey, Renee Zellweger, Anthony Anderson, Mongo Brownlee, Jerod Mixon, Chris Cooper, Michael Bowman


Jim CarreyCharlie / Hank
Renée ZellwegerIrene
Anthony AndersonJamaal
Mongo BrownleeLee Harvey
Jerod MixonShonté Jr.
Chris CooperLieutenant Gerke
Michael BowmanWhitey
Richard JenkinsAgent Boshane
Robert ForsterColonel Partington
Mike CerroneOfficer Stubie
Rob MoranTrooper Finneran
Daniel GreeneDickie Thurman
Tony CoxLimo Driver
Andrew PhillipsLee Harvey – Age 9
Jeremy Maleek LeggettJamaal – Age 9
Justin ChandlerShonté Jr. – Age 9
Zen GesnerAgent Peterson
Steve SweeneyNeighbor Ed
Traylor HowardLayla
Lenny ClarkeBarber Shop Car Owner
Herbie FlynnHerb the Barber (as Herb Flynn)
Heather HodderJump Rope Girl
Tracey AbbottGrocery Store Mom
Jackie FlynnTrooper Pritchard
Steve TylerMaternity Doctor
Googy GressGuy on the Street
Joey McGilberryHelicopter Agent
Sean GildeaKid’s Father (as Sean P. Gildea)
Anna KournikovaMotel Manager
Bob MoneOfficer Delicato
Richard TysonGun Shop Owner
Danny MurphyAgent Steve Parfitt (as Dan Murphy)
Cam NeelyTrooper Sea Bass
Brian Hayes CurrieSoda Machine Man
Nikki Tyler-FlynnTrooper Maryann (as Nikki Tyler Flynn)
Mark LeahyVermont Police Officer
Kevin J. FlynnBarber Shop Wiseguy
Conrad GoodeSoftball Player
John Mark AndradeHandsome Barber Shop Guy
Scott T. NeelyTrooper Neely
Shannon WhirryBeautiful Mom
Jerry ParkerParamedic
Heather DysonReporter
Christine DiCarloTV Reporter
Mark LevineGolfer (as Marc R. Levine)
John-Eliot JordanPizza Boy
Bob WeeksTrain Conductor (as Bob Weekes)
Ezra BuzzingtonDisabled Guy
Will CooganDisabled Guy’s Aide
Rex Allen Jr.Narrator (voice)
Lin ShayeMrs. Caleron (scenes deleted)
Leslie MunroeDreadlocks Guy
Harley Brown Sr.Farmer
Ray ‘Rocket’ ValliereMrs. Caleron’s Son (as Ray ‘The Rocket’ Valliere)
Nancy ByersMaternity Nurse
Melinda FarrellyMaternity Nurse (as Melinda Kocsis)
Christal HandyGirl in Wheelchair
Rudy CheeksFarmer
Preston ThomasFarmer
Libby LangdonExecutive
Gigi MoranExecutive
Pete PetersonExecutive
J.B. RogersGolfer
Brian MoneGolfer
Egor DavidoffIggy (as Egor ‘Iggy’ Davidoff)
Bill KiendlParamedic
Adriana BegaParamedic (as Adriana Biega)
Gordie MerrickScooter
Brad MatthewsState Trooper
Kate ForsterReceptionist
Ben UrannKid (as Benji Urann)
Jesse PeterKid
Connor DunphyKid
Jordan BlevinsKid
Dot NearyLady
Mike Turillo Sr.Father
Mike Turillo Jr.Disabled Son
Joan LedwithShocked Lady
Dyanne StroymanShocked Lady
Jane M. ReidyShocked Lady
Mariann NearyShocked Lady
Jaqueline FeeneyShocked Lady
Robert FlahertyState Trooper
Beth JordanGrocery Store Cashier
Brian StuebeCouple
Sonia StuebeCouple
Tom WingateGuy
Jimmy ShayCouple
Monica ShayCouple
Scott RosenbergSoftball Player
Mark CiardiSoftball Player
Phil RosenbergSoftball Player
Amy LeascaWoman at Barbeque
Jack AndradeCheckers Buddy
A.B. FarrellyCrying Little Girl (as Anna Byers)
Tiffany BurkeWoman at Train Station (as Tiffany Lucich)
Tara RichertWoman at Train Station
David PageGuy at Train Station
Dean R. PalozejFather (as Dean Palozej)
Paula PalozejMother
Lauren PalozejChild
Hayden PalozejChild
Spencer PalozejChild
Everett PalozejChild
Bob O’BrienWedding Guest (as Bobby O’Brien)
George BedardWedding Guest
Mike CheneyWedding Guest
Gwendolyn RogersWedding Guest (as Gwen Rogers)
Warren TashjianBest Man
Carolyn MolloyWoman in Grocery Store
Patty Mullany MolloyWoman in Grocery Store
Bryan MolloyMan in Grocery Store
Deanna CerroneBikini Girl
Lisette BorenBikini Girl (as Lissette Boren)
Natassia MaltheBikini Girl (as Lina Teal)
Jeanne BasoneBikini Girl
Onzra MyersBikini Girl
Thomas JordanGrocery Store Mom’s Son
Nicholas GreenburyTwin Passing By
Andrew GreenburyTwin Passing By
Mark O’DaySWAT Guy
Michael ‘Don Julio’ BurkeSWAT Guy (as Michael Burke)
Mike D’AllessioGrocery Store Guy
Brendan ShanahanState Trooper
Taryn ChilivisWoman Giving Statement
Jackie ShifflerLesbian in Restaurant
Tara RobareLesbian in Restaurant
Patrick DragonGrocery Boy
Karen MoneOffice Employee
Terez KocsisSecretary (as Teri Kocsis)
Kelsey JordanGirl in Office
Harrison FrickBoy in Office
Ken DuvallCouple in Grocery Store
Josie DuvalCouple in Grocery Store
Ann Marie IzziGirl on Bus
Sarah BillingtonGirl on Bus
Mike MurphyGuy in Photo
István KocsisFireman (as Steve Kocsis)
Christine MoneOffice Worker
Patrick MoneOffice Worker
Scott MorehouseParamedic
Mark DunnFireman
Kristen TrucksessWoman in Maternity Ward
Wenya Monique WilliamsWoman in Maternity Ward (as Wenya Williams)
Bill O’ConnorSWAT Guy
Gretel TwomblySpectator
Kevin BiegelSpectator
Terry MullanyState Trooper
Mike DiCarloPoliceman
Peter KrulewitchPoliceman
Don PritchardPoliceman at Station (as Dan Pritchard)
Tom BeachenePoliceman at Station (as Tom Beauchene)
John SappoGuy Getting Off Train
Eric AdéBlack Boy
Marissa AdéBlack Girl
Danielle AdéBlack Girl
Cynthia Farrelly GesnerPolicewoman (as Cindy Gesner)
Adam KanterBackground Person
Patrick HealyBackground Person (as Pat Healy)
Beth MoneBackground Person
Doug MortonBackground Person
Kate PhelonBackground Person
Sarah DelfausseWoman at Site
Kathy TwomblyWoman in Police Station
Michael P. TwomblyMan in Police Station (as Misha Twombly)
George GondelmanDetective
Doug TashjianPoliceman
Brad BlankPoliceman
Paul PelletierFBI Agent
Charlie PettygroveParamedic
John StroehmanFBI Agent (as John Stroehmann)
Megan O’BrienWoman in Crowd
Fran O’BrienWoman in Crowd
John ChanMan in Crowd
Pete AnicelliFBI Agent (as Peter Annicelli)
Tom KocsisGuy on Railroad Tracks (as Tommy Kocsis)
Tommy SonginGrill Guy
Matt IrwinSlate Guy
Jim DuboisMotel Guest
Doug BymarkState Trooper at Motel
Gerry CallahanState Trooper
Joshua LoikoState Trooper (as Josh Loiko)
Margaret BoylanMother at Train Station
Mac BoylanSon at Train Station
Georgia BoylanDaughter at Train Station
Bill HoyleParamedic
Joan HoyleParamedic
Peter BiegelMan on Scene
Alice BiegelWoman on Scene
Dotan BonenBackground Motel Guest
Ernie MalikBackground Motel Guest
William SherakBackground Motel Guest
Matt SwickBackground Motel Guest
Jeff KunoBackground Motel Guest
Malcolm WilsonIce Cream Vendor
Ariana ParrilloIce Cream Girl
Liza BattainiIce Cream Girl
Diana SpauldingIce Cream Girl
Moriah CowlesIce Cream Girl
Tom LeascaPerson at Barbecue
Joslin LeascaPerson at Barbecue
Stacey LeascaPerson at Barbecue
Mark MioskyPerson at Barbecue
Bill BeaucheneFamily at Barbecue (as Bill Beauchene & Family)
Will KiendlKid Near Broken Window
The Appe FamilyFamily Near Broken Window
Kevin R. WoodBum #1 (as Kevin Wood)
Robert MartiniBum #2 (as Bobby Martini)
Rick DunphySWAT Guy
Jan KaneBackground Person
Tom ClarkBackground Person
Kathleen StraubeBackground Person
Heikki PaadreBackground FBI Agent
Victoria O’DayFamily at Picnic
Susan O’DayFamily at Picnic
Luke O’DayFamily at Picnic
Emily O’DayFamily at Picnic
Smokey CerroneBackground Couple
Annette CerroneBackground Couple
Glenn CianoBackground Person
Keith McLaughlinFamily in Restaurant
Jill McLaughlinFamily in Restaurant (as Jill McLaughlin & Family)
Mecina BottaroWoman in Restaurant
Philomena GideaCouple in Restaurant
James GideaCouple in Restaurant
Pam O’BrienWedding Guest
Dan O’BrienWedding Guest (as Danny O’Brien)
Ken GumbertMinister (as Fr. Ken Gumbert)
Barbara TuchonWedding Guest
Billy MeyerBackground Person
Ruth Michelle MeyerBackground Person (as Ruth Meyer)
Margo MurphyBackground Person
Monique PelletierBackground Person
David James WardSWAT Guy (as David Ward)
Peter GaulkeDetective at Motel
Gerry SwallowState Trooper at Motel
Dave McVeighState Trooper at Motel
Dino MacalusoPoliceman
Ellie MioskyFamily at Barbecue
Ben MioskyFamily at Barbecue
Kate MioskyFamily at Barbecue
Mac HaskellBackground Couple
Trish HaskellBackground Couple
Dan WalentyBackground State Trooper
Jim BennettBackground State Trooper
Jay W. YowlerGuy in Bar (as Jay Yowler)
Todd ChristiansenGuy in Bar
Julie ScungioEd’s Wife
Bobby LippincottFamily at Site
Pucky LippincottFamily at Site
Richard LippincottFamily at Site
John DennisFBI Agent
Sarah LopezSWAT Person at Motel
Annie HodgsonSWAT Person at Motel
Matt SmithState Trooper at Motel
Nancy Frey-JareckiParamedic (as Nancy Jarecki)
Steve MoranActor
Mike O’DonnellActor
Al LampeBackground Person
Mary LampeBackground Person
DockyBackground Person
Eric LariviereState Trooper (as Cpl. Eric Lariviere)
Glen SkalubinskiState Trooper (as Sgt. Glen Skalubinski)
Bob MagnanState Trooper (as Lt. Bob Magnan)
Stephen MoneFBI Agent
Chris ‘Chili’ PalmerFBI Agent (as Chili Palmer)
Bennett YellinGuy on Plane
Steve GehrkeMooner on Plane
Christopher AlanParty Guest (uncredited)
Rebekah AraminiState Trooper’s Wife (uncredited)
Eric Bruno BorgmanTrain Station Cart Vendor (uncredited)
Barry BrandtVermont Police Officer (uncredited)
Paul BronkIrate Motorist (uncredited)
Bruce DuncanTrain Conductor (uncredited)
Tara PerkinsFemale Golfer (uncredited)
Richard PryorStand-Up Comedian on TV (archive footage) (uncredited)
Cinzia RoccaforteBeach Girl (uncredited)
Chris RockStand-Up Comedian on TV (archive footage) (uncredited)
Michael Steven SwansonDetective (uncredited)
Tanner WileySelf (uncredited)
James WoodsonGuy at Train Station (uncredited)

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