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Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)


Coming Out at 10 December 2005 in theaters

Drama, Romance

Memoirs of a Geisha is epic drama film based on the 1997 novel of the same name by Arthur Golden, produced by Steven Spielberg (through production companies Amblin Entertainment and Spyglass Entertainment) and Douglas Wick (through Red Wagon Entertainment). Directed by Rob Marshall, the film was released in the United States on December 9, 2005 by Columbia Pictures and Dreamworks Pictures, with the latter receiving studio credit only.

The film tells the story of a young Japanese girl, Chiyo Sakamoto, who is sold by her impoverished family to a geisha house (okiya) in order to support them by training as and eventually becoming a geisha. The film centres around the sacrifices and hardship faced by pre-WW2 geisha, and the challenges posed by the war and a modernizing world to geisha society.

Chiyo Sakamoto, a young girl living in a poor village, is sold to a geisha house by her father alongside her sister, Satsu, so that they might send money back home. Chiyo is taken in by Kayoko Nitta, the “Mother” (proprietress) of a geisha house in Gion in Kyoto. Satsu is instead taken to a brothel nearby, being judged to be too ugly to become a successful geisha. Chiyo meets “Granny” and “Auntie”, two other women who run the house, and the okiya’s only working geisha, Hatsumomo, who is beautiful but cruel. Chiyo meets another young girl nicknamed Pumpkin, who she immediately becomes friends with.

Director: Rob Marshall

Writers: Robin Swicord, Arthur Golden (book)

Stars: Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe, Michelle Yeoh, Suzuka Ohgo, Togo Igawa, Li Gong


Suzuka OhgoChiyo
Togo IgawaTanaka
Samantha FutermanSatsu
Elizabeth SungSakamoto’s Wife
Thomas IkedaMr. Bekku
Li GongHatsumomo
Tsai ChinAuntie
Kaori MomoiMother
Zoe WeizenbaumYoung Pumpkin
David OkihiroShamisen Teacher
Miyako TachibanaDance Teacher
Kotoko KawamuraGranny
Karl YuneKoichi
Eugenia YuanKorin
Yôko NarahashiMameha’s Maid
Michelle YeohMameha
Kenneth TsangThe General
Ken WatanabeChairman
Navia NguyenIzuko – Geisha in Green
Natsuo TomitaGeisha in Lavender
Yûki KudôPumpkin
Ziyi ZhangSayuri
Fumi AkutagawaYukimoto Teahouse Matron
Cary-Hiroyuki TagawaThe Baron
Koji ToyodaMale Hairdresser
Rick MaliMan in Grey Hat
Steve TeradaBoy on Bike
Laura MiroYukimoto Teahouse Geisha / Spring Festival Dancer
Diane MizotaYukimoto Teahouse Geisha / Spring Festival Dancer
Yasusuke UikeSumo Referee
Shûhei MainoumiSmall Sumo Wrestler
Daisuke DewaarashiLarge Sumo Wrestler
Kôji YakushoNobu
Ren UranoSumo Ring Announcer
Ace YonamineSumo Wrestler
Anthony BegoniaSumo Wrestler
Albert ‘Sumo’ LeeSumo Wrestler
Dino RiveraSumo Wrestler
Randall Duk KimDr. Crab
Takayo FischerTanizato Teahouse Owner
Asako TakasueTanizato Teahouse Matron
Clarissa ParkDancer at Party
Nobu MatsuhisaKimono Artist
James Taku LeungKimono Factory Worker
Chad ClevenDrunken G.I.
Richard J. BellDrunken G.I.
Cameron DuncanDrunken G.I.
Faith ShinLittle Kiko
Brannon BatesMilitary Police Officer
Ted LevineColonel Derricks
Paul AdelsteinLieutenant Hutchins
Shizuko HoshiSayuri Narration (voice)
Michelle Aguilar CamayaSpring Festival Dancer
Janelle DoteSpring Festival Dancer
Kim HalzleSpring Festival Dancer
Ashia MeyersSpring Festival Dancer
HikariSpring Festival Dancer (
Shiho MiyazawaSpring Festival Dancer
Minae NojiSpring Festival Dancer
Mami SaitoSpring Festival Dancer
Shannon AberoFestival Rehearsal Dancer
Kiyoko AndoFestival Rehearsal Dancer
Miki FujitaFestival Rehearsal Dancer
Chieko HidakaFestival Rehearsal Dancer
Wendy LamFestival Rehearsal Dancer
Kana MiyamotoFestival Rehearsal Dancer
Brooke MiyasakiFestival Rehearsal Dancer
Nao NojimaFestival Rehearsal Dancer
Shelly OtoFestival Rehearsal Dancer
Nikki TuazonFestival Rehearsal Dancer
Addie YungmeeFestival Rehearsal Dancer
Cassidy AdamsStudent Dancer
Lena AhnStudent Dancer
Allison ChanStudent Dancer
Deziree Del RosarioStudent Dancer
Emilie EndowStudent Dancer
Rosie EndowStudent Dancer
Hannah HwangStudent Dancer
Emma Fusako IshiiStudent Dancer
Amy Saki KawakamiStudent Dancer
Stefani LeeStudent Dancer
Teanna LeeStudent Dancer
Melissa MorinishiStudent Dancer
Michelle ObiStudent Dancer
Kasey OkazakiStudent Dancer
Jacqueline OsakiStudent Dancer
Ayaka OyamaStudent Dancer
Jade RefuerzoStudent Dancer
La Na ShiStudent Dancer
Stacy SuzukiStudent Dancer
Miwa TachibanaStudent Dancer
Jordan TambaraStudent Dancer
Shaye UyematsuStudent Dancer
Etsuo HongoShamisen Musician
Tateo TakahashiShamisen Musician
Masakazu YoshizawaShamisen Musician
Kazumi AiharaThe Baron’s Guest
Jennie BaekGeisha
Yuki BirdWealthy Guest

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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