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Milestone (2020)


Coming Out at May 7, 2021 on Netflix

“Meel patthar”


Milestone is drama film directed by Ivan Ayr, and written by Ivan Ayr & Neel Mani Kant. The film stars Lakshvir Saran and Suvinder Vicky. It primiered at September 3, 2020 on Venice Film Festival.

A newly bereaved trucker, a legacy to be passed down, and a milestone that comes with its own consequences. Ghalib, a veteran driver, sets a 500,000 kms record on the road, but celebrations are cut short with the advent of pain, both physical and emotional.

In the midst of fighting a compensation claim and finding a cure for his own back, the old man faces the threat of losing the job that has come to define him to a new intern. Will life get back on track, or is this the end of the road?

Director: Ivan Ayr

Writers: Ivan Ayr, Neel Mani Kant

Stars: Lakshvir Saran, Suvinder Vicky


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