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Mother Gamer (2020)


Releasing at September 10, 2020 in theaters

Action, Comedy

In a world full of competitions, Benjamas (Aom Phiyada) is a mother and a teacher. Trying to control the life path of the son Aum (his first) in order to successfully win the scholarship exam But then, Chrysanthemum’s needs were shaken. When she found out that Om was an esports athlete on the famous team Higher. Om is going to compete in an important game. To represent the world championship on the same day as the scholarship exam.

When Mother’s Prohibition didn’t work Benjamas therefore must find a way to prevent Oum from going to victory. By submitting an offer to Kobsak (Third Lapas), a former pro player from Higher, to help set up a new e-sports team, Ohmgaga in exchange for Benjamas, has to help him finish his studies.

Kobsak took all the game gamers to join the Ohmgaga team, including Maprang (V Viraya), the cool, sour girl, the guide (the banknote boss), the skillful planner, Bank (Nont Supawat), Paytuang and Mag (Techin Natchon) out of the game cafe.

But what Chrysanthemum did not expect is She has to enter the field as a team athlete. Alongside Kobsak Who tried to prove himself Ready to face the om A son who wants to mark the path of life for himself On this route of competition, this RoV battle game, gamer or mother game, who will win …

Director: Yanyong Kuruangkura

Cast: Aom Phiyada, Third Lapas, V Viraya, Phiyada Akkraseranee, Lapat Ngamchaweng, Thanabat Ngamkamolchai, Tonhon Tantivejakul, Weeraya Zhang

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