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Mr. Nice Guy (1997)


Releasing at 31 January 1997 in theaters

Action, Comedy

Mr. Nice Guy is action comedy film directed by Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, and written by Fibe Ma & Edward Tang. The film stars Jackie Chan, Richard Norton, Miki Lee, Karen McLymont, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Vince Poletto and Barry Otto.

Martial arts romp about a TV chef who becomes embroiled in a drug lord’s search for an incriminating video. The kung-fu fighting cook steps in to save an investigative journalist on the run from a gang of murderous drug dealers, resulting in a potentially fatal mix-up involving her incriminating tape of the gangsters and a children’s video.

Director: Sammo Kam-Bo Hung

Writer: Fibe Ma, Edward Tang

Stars: Jackie Chan, Richard Norton, Miki Lee, Karen McLymont, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Vince Poletto, Barry Otto


Jackie ChanJackie
Richard NortonGiancarlo
Miki LeeMiki
Karen McLymontLakisha
Gabrielle FitzpatrickDiana
Vince PolettoRomeo
Barry OttoBaggio
Sammo Kam-Bo HungCyclist
Emil ChauIce Cream Vendor
Joyce GodenziCook Show Audience
Peter HoughtonRichard
Peter LindsayGrank, Demon Leader
David Will NoVictor
Rachel BlakelySandy, Demon
Judy GreenTina, Demon
Stefan FredrichDemon
Stuart RitchieDemon
Jonathan IsgarDemon
Kyne SedgmanDemon
Steve KahluaDemon
Matt TriheyDemon
Matthew MeersbergenDemon
Les VziceDemon
Karl AjamiGiancarlo’s Man
Frederick MacGlureGiancarlo’s Man
Bradley James AllanGiancarlo’s Man
Douglas MacdonaldGiancarlo’s Man
Paul AndreovskiGiancarlo’s Man
Robert LoweGiancarlo’s Man
David BaldwinGiancarlo’s Man
Ian MallGiancarlo’s Man
Kerry BlakemanGiancarlo’s Man
Izeqiel McCoyGiancarlo’s Man
Marky Lee CampbellGiancarlo’s Man
Mike MenziesGiancarlo’s Man
Terry CarterGiancarlo’s Man
Jason MurphyGiancarlo’s Man
Dennis LundinGiancarlo’s Man
Michael NoonanGiancarlo’s Man
Tony DohertyGiancarlo’s Man
George NovakGiancarlo’s Man
Cameron DouglasGiancarlo’s Man
Grant PageGiancarlo’s Man
Paul DouglasGiancarlo’s Man
Puven PatherGiancarlo’s Man
Stuart EllisGiancarlo’s Man
Harry PavlidisGiancarlo’s Man
Mark FitzpatrickGiancarlo’s Man
George PopovichGiancarlo’s Man
Stuart FraserGiancarlo’s Man
Johnny RaaenGiancarlo’s Man
Michael HammadGiancarlo’s Man
Joseph SayahGiancarlo’s Man
Habby HeskeGiancarlo’s Man
Gary ShambrookeGiancarlo’s Man
Brent HoughtonGiancarlo’s Man
Vess SvorcanGiancarlo’s Man
Richard HuggettGiancarlo’s Man
Graham JahneGiancarlo’s Man
Davin TaylorGiancarlo’s Man
Chris KempGiancarlo’s Man
Darko TuscanGiancarlo’s Man
Jade WeiteringGiancarlo’s Man
Damon YoungGiancarlo’s Man
Aaron NotarfrancescoSanny
Jake NotarfrancescoNancy
Frederick MiragliottaNEA Head Officer
Nick CarrafaNEA Head Officer
Rod CatteralNEA Agent
Ben MitchellNEA Agent
Mark NealNEA Agent
Jerome PrideNEA Agent
Keith AgiusSpecial Agent Team Leader
Greg JamiesonPriest
Matthew DyktynskiFloor Manager
Salik SilversteinCook Show Director
Lynne MurphyBaby Sitter
Nicholas BufaloPasserby
Shane AlexanderPasser By
Carla BonnerCameo

( Read more cast details on imdb )

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