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No Man’s Land Season 1 Opening on Hulu at November 18, 2020


Drama, Thriller, War / TV-Series (2020)

Eitan Mansuri and Maria Feldman creators of No Man’s Land, Best Project Award at Séries Mania Forum in 2017 under the title Fertile Crescent, talks to us about this new series, available in full on September 18 on

Between family drama and spy thriller, the international series No Man’s Land takes us on a quest, in the midst of the Syrian conflict and alongside the Kurdish fighters, for a young Frenchman in search of his presumed dead sister. A singular and intimate look at the tragic events with global repercussions in this region of the world.

Creators: Amit Cohen, Ron Leshem, Eitan Mansuri, Maria Feldman

Director: Oded Ruskin

Writers: Amit Cohen, Ron Leshem, Eitan Mansuri, Maria Feldman

Stars: James Krishna Floyd, Jo Ben Ayed, Julia Faure, Félix Moati, James Purefoy, Dean Ridge, Mélanie Thierry, Souheila Yacoub


James Krishna Floyd8 episodes, 2020
Jo Ben Ayed8 episodes, 2020
Julia Faure8 episodes, 2020
Félix Moati8 episodes, 2020
James Purefoy8 episodes, 2020
Dean Ridge8 episodes, 2020
Mélanie Thierry8 episodes, 2020
Souheila Yacoub8 episodes, 2020
Enja Saethren Eva Haas 6 episodes, 2020
Simon Harrison Ryan Carson 2 episodes, 2020
Kenza Mouahidi Female fighter 2 episodes, 2020
Laura Vörtler Paulina Gacek 2 episodes, 2020
Carole Weyers2 episodes, 2020
Frédéric Clou Employee Ambassy 1 episode, 2020
Sam Kalidi Kadir Aktas 1 episode, 2020
Antoine Lelandais Constructor 1 episode, 2020
Dylan Pinnell Young Bully 1 episode, 2020
Mark Joyce Wolf Luke 1 episode, 2020
Nisrine Adam Helan 1 episode, 2020
Ash Goldeh Navid 1 episode, 2020
Isaac Highams Alex 1 episode, 2020

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