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Pacific Rim: The Black Season 1 will be on Netflix at March 4, 2021


Animation, Action, Adventure / TV-Series (2021)

Pacific Rim: The Black is anime-style streaming television series, based on the first two live-action Pacific Rim films. The series is scheduled for a March 4, 2021 release on Netflix, created by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle.

A teenage boy and his younger sister search for their parents using a giant mobile weapon known as a Jaeger. Anime series based on the feature film ‘Pacific Rim’. Long ago, humanity defeated the Kaiju. Now, they’re evacuating Australia. Join a pair of siblings and their battered, long-abandoned Jaegar as they battle across a continent of danger in search of their parents.

Creators: Greg Johnson, Craig Kyle

Stars: Yui Shimodaya, Yūsuke Kobayashi, Iku Minase


Yui ShimodayaHayley Travis
Yūsuke KobayashiTaylor Travis
Iku MinaseLoa


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