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Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 1 Opening on Nickelodeon at February 20, 2021


Action, Adventure, Comedy / TV-Series (2021)

In Power Rangers Dino Fury, an army of powerful alien beings is unleashed on Earth, threatening life as we know it, and a brand-new team of Power Rangers, fueled by the pre-historic power of the dinosaurs, are recruited to deal with the threat. The Power Rangers Dino Fury release date is set at February 20, 2021 on Nickelodeon.

Directors: Caroline Bell Booth, Robyn Grace, Michael Hurst, Chris Graham, Simon Bennett, Charlie Haskell

Writers: Becca Barnes, Alwyn Dale, Mike Houser, Guy Langford, Maiya Thompson

Stars: Russell Curry, Hunter Deno, Kainalu Moya, Tessa Rao, Chance Perez, Jordon T. Fite, Josephine Davison, Jared Turner


Russell Curry Red Dino Fury Ranger
Hunter Deno Amelia Jones
Kainalu Moya Blue Dino Fury Ranger
Tessa Rao Green Dino Fury Ranger
Chance Perez Black Dino Fury Ranger
Jordon T. Fite Aiyon
Josephine Davison Solon
Jared Turner Void Knight
Kira Josephson Jane
Torum Heng Mucus
Victoria Abbott J-Borg
Blair Strang Warden Carlos Garcia
Mark Mitchinson Boomtower
Noah Paul Stan
Benny Joy Smith Annie
Shavaughn Ruakere Dr. Lani Akana
Greg Johnson Pop-Pop
Jen Van Epps Mother
Zach Douglas Road Worker
Sarah Dalton Lily
Siobhan Marshall Santaura
Darien Takle Madame Indigo
Kelson Henderson Mick Kanic
Jacqueline Joe Fern
Mayen Mehta Astronomer
Barry Duffield Smashstone
Daryl Habraken Red Morphin Master
Zeta Sutherland Brave Kid
Sophia de Magalhaes Mona
Jamie Linehan Shockhorn
Paul Waggott Judge
Ryan Dulieu Police Officer
Rachelle Duncan Vypeera
Richard Simpson Draknarok
Guy Langford Wolfgang
Steven Lyons Doomsnake
Jason Smith Brineblast
Richard Simpson Draknarok

( Read more cast details on imdb )

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