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Ratingmeter of Movies Released at January 2021


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There are 58 films at our list. According to the ratingmeter, the best 5 movies of the January 2021 are The Father, The Dissident, The Dig, The White Tiger and Palmer. We share the entire list below. Enjoy the list…

Movies Released at January (2021)RatingmeterNetwork
1-The Father (2020)87In Theaters
2-The Dissident (2020)79In Theaters
3-The Dig (2021)78In Theaters & Netflix
4-The White Tiger (2021)78Netflix
5-Palmer (2021)77Apple TV+
6-Pieces of a Woman (2020)75In Theaters & Netflix
7-In & of Itself (2020)75Hulu
8-Death to 2020 (2020)72Netflix
9-The Little Things (2021)70HBO MAX
10-Penguin Bloom (2020)68In Theaters
11-Our Friend (2019)65On Digital & In Theaters
12-Below Zero (2021)64Netflix
13-PG Psycho Goreman (2020)62In Theaters
14-Herself (2020)62Prime Video
15-Born a Champion (2021)62In Theaters
16-Stuck Apart (2021)61Netflix
17-Finding Ohana (2021)61Netflix
18-Acasa, My Home (2020)61On Digital
19-Tony Parker The Final Shot (2021)60Netflix
20-Supernova (2020)59In Theaters
21-Outside the Wire (2021)58Netflix
22-Crack Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy (2021)58Netflix
23-Identifying Features (2020)58In Theaters
24-American Skin (2019)57In Theaters
25-Some Kind of Heaven (2020)57In Theaters
26-Wrong Turn (2021)56In Theaters
27-The Vault (2021)56In Theaters
28-Tribhanga (2021)54Netflix
29-MLK/FBI (2020)53In Theaters
30-Ji hun (2021)53In Theaters
31-Locked Down (2021)52HBO MAX
32-Batman Soul of the Dragon (2021)52On Digital
33-Redemption Day (2021)51In Theaters
34-The Minimalists Less Is Now (2021)51Netflix
35-Rocanrol Cowboys (2021)51Netflix
36-Shadow in the Cloud (2020)50In Theaters
37-All My Friends Are Dead (2020)50On Digital & In Theaters
38-Don’t Tell a Soul (2020)50In Theaters
39-We Can Be Heroes (2021)49Netflix
40-The Ultimate Playlist of Noise (2021)49Hulu
41-Slalom (2020)49In Theaters
42-The Marksman (2021)48In Theaters
43-Breaking News in Yuba County (2021)48In Theaters
44-The Night (2020)47In Theaters
45-Blithe Spirit (2020)46In Theaters
46-Breaking Fast (2020)46In Theaters
47-Peter Rabbit 2 The Runaway (2021)45In Theaters
48-I Carry You with Me (2020)41In Theaters
49-Double Dad (2021)40Netflix
50-Yearly Departed (2020)40Prime Video
51-The Sound of Philadelphia (2020)33In Theaters
52-Stars Fell on Alabama (2021)32On Digital
53-No Man’s Land (2020)31On Digital
54-Music (2021)30In Theaters
55-If Not Now, When? (2019)30In Theaters
56-What Happened to Mr Cha (2021)22Netflix
57-Haymaker (2021)14In Theaters
58-Cactus Jack (2021)8In Theaters

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