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Ratingmeter of Movies Released at November 2020


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According to the ratingmeter, the best 5 movies of the November 2020 are Sound of Metal, Ludo, Collective, Mosul and The Croods A New Age. We share the entire list below. Enjoy the list…

Movies Released at November (2020)RatingmeterNetwork
1-Sound of Metal (2019)88Prime Video
2-Ludo (2020)83Netflix
3-Collective (2019)83In Theaters
4-Mosul (2019)78Netflix
5-The Croods A New Age (2020)77In Theaters
6-Uncle Frank (2020)76Prime Video
7-Folklore The Long Pond Studio Sessions (2020)76Disney+
8-The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion (2020)76HBO MAX
9-Hillbilly Elegy (2020)74Netflix
10-Happiest Season (2020)73Hulu
11-Freaky (2020)70On Digital & In Theaters
12-Let Him Go (2020)70In Theaters
13-Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey (2020)68Netflix
14-The Life Ahead (2020)68Netflix
15-Zappa (2020)68In Theaters
16-The Christmas Chronicles 2 (2020)67Netflix
17-Greta (2020)67Hulu
18-Ammonite (2020)65On Digital & In Theaters
19-Little Big Women (2020)65In Theaters
20-Belushi (2020)65SHOWTIME
21-Proxima (2019)64On Digital
22-The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special (2020)64Disney+
23-Fatman (2020)62In Theaters
24-Fireball Visitors from Darker Worlds (2020)62Apple TV+
25-Born to Be (2019)62In Theaters
26-The Dark and the Wicked (2020)61In Theaters
27-Nimic (2019)59Mubi
28-The Last Vermeer (2019)59In Theaters
29-Mortal (2020)58In Theaters
30-Undine (2020)57In Theaters
31-Shawn Mendes In Wonder (2020)57Netflix
32-Classmates Minus (2020)57In Theaters
33-Black Beauty (2020)56Disney+
34-Leap of Faith William Friedkin on the Exorcist (2019)56Shudder
35-Jungleland (2019)55In Theaters
36-Superintelligence (2020)54HBO MAX
37-The Princess Switch Switched Again (2020)53Netflix
38-Monsoon (2019)52In Theaters
39-Between the World and Me (2020)52HBO MAX
40-Koko-di Koko-da (2019)51In Theaters
41-Dance Dreams (2020)51Netflix
42-Last Call (2020)51In Theaters
43-Midnight at the Magnolia (2020)50Netflix
44-Dreamland (2019)50In Theaters
45-What We Wanted (2020)50Netflix
46-Embattled (2020)50In Theaters
47-Life in a Year (2020)49In Theaters
48-Come Away (2020)49On Digital & In Theaters
49-Notes for My Son (2020)47Netflix
50-Ainu Mosir (2020)46Netflix
51-Echo Boomers (2020)46In Theaters
52-Hearts and Bones (2019)46In Theaters
53-Christmas on the Square (2020)44Netflix
54-Citation (2020)44Netflix
55-The Legend of Baron To’a (2020)44In Theaters
56-Cemetery (2019)44In Theaters
57-40 Sticks (2020)44Netflix
58-Buddy Games (2019)42In Theaters
59-Where She Lies (2020)42In Theaters
60-100% Wolf (2020)41On Digital & In Theaters
61-Girl (2020)40In Theaters
62-Iron Mask (2019)39On Digital
63-Horizon Line (2020)39In Theaters
64-Vanguard (2020)39In Theaters
65-Chick Fight (2020)38In Theaters
66-My Dad’s Christmas Date (2020)37On Digital
67-Transhood (2020)34HBO MAX
68-Laxmii (2020)33Disney+ Hotstar
69-Kindred (2020)33In Theaters
70-69 The Saga of Danny Hernandez (2020)33Hulu
71-Xico’s Journey (2020)31In Theaters
72-A Christmas Carol (2020)30In Theaters
73-Jiu Jitsu (2020)29In Theaters
74-Stardust (2020)24In Theaters
75-Blindfire (2020)24In Theaters
76-Recon (2019)23In Theaters
77-Soros (2019)18On Digital
78-True to the Game 2 (2020)16In Theaters

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