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Religulous (2008)


Documentary, Comedy, War |

Religulous is a American documentary film written by and starring comedian Bill Maher and directed by Larry Charles. The title of the film is a portmanteau derived from the words religious and ridiculous. The documentary examines and challenges religion and religious belief.

Maher said he used a fake title “A Spiritual Journey” for the film to obtain interviews. Creationist Ken Ham of the group Answers in Genesis, who appeared in the film, was critical of what he called Maher’s “deception” to obtain the interview.

The documentary was produced by Thousand Words and distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment. Originally slated for an international release date coinciding with the Christian Easter holiday 2008 (March 23), post-production delays resulting from a screenwriters guild strike pushed the release date back. The film was eventually released on October 3, 2008.

Director: Larry Charles

Stars: Bill Maher, Tal Bachman, Jonathan Boulden, Steven Burg, Francis Collins, George Coyne, Benjamin Creme


Bill MaherSelf
Tal BachmanSelf
Jonathan BouldenSelf
Steven BurgSelf
Francis CollinsSelf
George CoyneSelf (as Father George Coyne PhD)
Benjamin CremeSelf
Jeremiah CummingsSelf
Jose Luis De Jesus MirandaSelf
Fatima ElatikSelf
Yahuda EtzionSelf
Reginald FosterSelf (as Father Reginald Foster)
Mohamed Junas GaffarSelf
Bill GardinerSelf
Ted HaggardSelf (archive footage)
Rabbi HalperinSelf
Ken HamSelf
Dean HamerSelf (as Dr. Dean Hamer)
Mohammad HouraniSelf (as Dr. Mohammad Hourani PhD)
Jeffrey HunterJesus (archive footage)
Nelson LeighJesus (archive footage)
Julie MaherSelf
Kathy MaherSelf
Aki NawazSelf (as Propa-Gandhi)
Andrew NewbergSelf (as Dr. Andrew Newberg MD)
Fred PhelpsSelf (archive footage)
Mark PryorSelf
Shmuel StraussSelf (as Rabbi Shmuel Strauss)
Ray SuarezSelf
Jimmy TurkmaniSelf
Ferre van BeverenSelf (as Reverend Ferre van Beveren)
Yisroel Dovid WeissSelf (as Rabbi Dovid Weiss)
John WestcottSelf (as Pastor John Westcott)
Geert WildersSelf
Jim BakkerSelf (archive footage)
Osama bin LadenSelf (archive footage)
Kaya BousquetModel
George W. BushSelf (archive footage)
Kirk CameronSelf (archive footage)
Johnny CarsonSelf (archive footage)
Larry CharlesSelf
Tom CruiseSelf (archive footage)
Jerry FalwellSelf (archive footage)
Billy GibbonsSelf (archive footage)
Charlton HestonGeorge Taylor (archive footage)
Dusty HillSelf (archive footage)
Benny HinnSelf (archive footage)
Mike HuckabeeSelf (archive footage)
Kim HunterZira (archive footage)
Michael JacksonSelf (archive footage)
Bishop Don Magic JuanSelf (archive footage)
Larry KingSelf (archive footage)
Joe LiebermanSelf (archive footage)
Marilyn MansonSelf (archive footage)
John McCainSelf (archive footage)
Pope John Paul IISelf (archive footage)
Elvis PresleySelf (archive footage)
PrinceSelf (archive footage)
Oral RobertsSelf (archive footage)
Pat RobertsonSelf (archive footage)
George C. ScottAbraham (archive footage)
Gene SimmonsSelf (archive footage)
Britney SpearsSelf (archive footage)
Paul StanleySelf (archive footage)
John TravoltaSelf (archive footage)
Theo van GoghSelf (archive footage)
Max von SydowJesus (archive footage)
Kanye WestSelf (archive footage)

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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