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SAS: Red Notice (2021)


Coming Out at March 12, 2021 on Sky TV


SAS: Red Notice is action film directed by Magnus Martens, and written by Laurence Malkin and Andy McNab. The film stars Sam Heughan, Ruby Rose, Andy Serkis, Hannah John-Kamen, Tom Hopper, Tom Wilkinson and Owain Yeoman.

Tom Buckingham (Sam Heughan) is a special agent for the British government and is actually off duty. Together with his girlfriend Sophie, he is on his way to Paris to propose to her. However, the romantic weekend ends before it has really begun, in the middle of the Eurotunnel. A group of armed agents hijacks their train and takes all the passengers hostage. Their leader, cold-blooded mercenary Grace Lewis (Ruby Rose), seeks revenge for the death of her father, whom the government eliminated as an accessory to a dirty deal. Only one man can prevent her from blowing up the tunnel and killing hundreds of innocent people: SAS Sergeant Tom Buckingham!

Director: Magnus Martens

Writers: Laurence Malkin, Andy McNab (novel)

Stars: Sam Heughan, Ruby Rose, Andy Serkis, Hannah John-Kamen, Tom Hopper, Tom Wilkinson, Owain Yeoman


Sam HeughanTom Buckingham
Hannah John-KamenDr. Sophie Hart
Ruby RoseGrace Lewis
Andy SerkisGeorge Clements
Tom HopperDeclan Smith
Tom WilkinsonWilliam Lewis
Owain YeomanOliver ‘Olly’ Lewis
Ray PanthakiPrime Minister Atwood
Noel ClarkeMajor Bisset
Anne ReidCharlotte
Jing LusiZada
Sarah WinterColleen
Caroline BoultonOlivia
Richard McCabeCallum
Douglas ReithSir Charles Whiteside
Dylan SmithAlex
Attila C. ArpaSniper
Aymen HamdouchiKenan
Grant CrookesGeneral Major Crookes
Tim FellinghamBryce
Roderick HillChef de Train
Ty HurleyBorder Control
Martin AngerbauerSwan
Kevin Ezekiel OgunleyeRoger
Károly BaksaiSwan
Ferenc Iván SzabóSwan
Péter SokoraiBusinessman
Thanh-Huy PhanFirstclass Passenger
Zoe Sarolta NagyEmmeline
Balázs VeresTGV Passenger


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