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Sexy Beast (2000)


Coming Out at 12 January 2001 in theaters

Crime, Drama, Thriller

Sexy Beast is black comedy crime film directed by Jonathan Glazer (in his feature directorial debut) and written by Louis Mellis and David Scinto. It stars Ray Winstone, Ben Kingsley and Ian McShane. It follows Gal Dove (Winstone), a retired ex-gangster visited by a violent gangster (Kingsley) who demands that he takes part in a bank job.

Kingsley’s performance earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. In 2004 the magazine Total Film named Sexy Beast the 15th best British film.

Ex-criminal Gary “Gal” Dove is happily retired in Spain with his beloved wife DeeDee, best friend Aitch and Aitch’s wife Jackie. A boulder falls from a hill, nearly hits him, and lands in his swimming pool, damaging its double-heart insignia.

After an unsuccessful rabbit hunt with Aitch and Enrique, a Spanish boy who helps him around the house, Gal has a dream of a demonic, anthropomorphic rabbit pointing a gun at him.

An old criminal associate, the feared sociopath Don Logan, arrives at Gal’s villa, intent on enlisting Gal for a bank robbery in London. Crime lord Teddy Bass learned about the vault from Harry, the bank’s chairman, whom he met at an orgy. Gal politely declines, claiming he is no longer “match fit” (and, privately, still traumatised by a prior long prison stay) but Don grows increasingly aggressive and violent. After Gal suggests Don’s real reason for visiting is his infatuation with Jackie, with whom he had a brief affair, Don grows furious and demands to be taken to the airport. On the plane, Don refuses to extinguish his cigarette prior to take-off, is aggressive to staff and other passengers, and is ejected.

Director: Jonathan Glazer

Writers: Louis Mellis, David Scinto

Stars: Ray Winstone, Ben Kingsley, Ian McShane, Amanda Redman, James Fox, Cavan Kendall, Julianne White


Ray WinstoneGal
Ben KingsleyDon Logan
Ian McShaneTeddy Bass
Amanda RedmanDeedee Dove
James FoxHarry
Cavan KendallAitch
Julianne WhiteJackie
Álvaro MonjeEnrique
Robert AtikoAndy
Nieves del Amo OruetAir Hostess
Enrique Alemán FabregaPilot
Gérard BarraySpanish Official
José Maria Cano RamosFelipe’s Friend 1
Desirée ErasmusJean
Santiago Frias MunozPolicia 2
José HernándezGinger Air Steward
Ana Maldonado HerreriaMaruja / Matronly Woman
Andy LucasJimmy
José Lirola RamosPolicia 1
José López CarrilloFelipe’s Friend #2
Antonio Fco. Márquez QuesadaSteward #2
Juan Manuel Martníez CobosPolicia #4
Dionisio MesaFelipe
Eddie O’ConnellBruno
Terence PlummerMike
Manuel Sánchez BerlangaMan on Plane
Frank ScintoPete
Darkie SmithStan
Rocky TaylorRaymond
Chris WebbNicky
Pedro Zamora HernándezPolicia 3
Tina SimmonsBank Official

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