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Snowfall Season 4 Releasing on FX at February 24, 2021 and next day FX on Hulu


Crime, Drama / TV-Series (2017)

Business is booming in Snowfall Season 4. It’s January 1, 1985. Ronald Reagan has won his re-election campaign proclaiming it is “morning again in America,” but in South Central, Los Angeles, it feels more like the sun is getting low. The demand for crack cocaine is high, and while our crew of dealers led by Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) are benefitting greatly from the rising tide of addiction, they are also starting to become aware of the damage the drug is doing to the people and to the place they love.

With the entire nation taking note, the LAPD is diverting serious money and resources to the “war on drugs.” Politicians’ phones are ringing. Powerful people are concerned, from the hallways of The White House to those of CIA headquarters, where there are whispers that one of their own may be involved in this burgeoning epidemic.

Creators: Dave Andron, Eric Amadio, John Singleton

Directors: Alonso Alvarez, Kevin Bray, Karena Evans

Writers: Dave Andron, Eric Amadio, John Singleton, Leonard Chang, Walter Mosley, Justin Hillian, Jeanine Daniels, Hiram Martinez, Ihuoma Ofordire, Tyger Williams

Stars: Damson Idris, Isaiah John, Amin Joseph, Taylor Kowalski, Michael Ray Escamilla, Jesse Luken, Kwame Patterson, Evan Allen-Gessesse


Damson Idris Franklin Saint
Isaiah John Leon Simmons
Amin Joseph Jerome Saint
Taylor Kowalski Rob Volpe
Michael Ray Escamilla Hernan 
Jesse Luken Officer Herb ‘Nix’
Kwame Patterson Lurp 
Evan Allen-Gessesse Renny  
Windi Washington South Central Neighbor
Adrianna Mitchell Tanosse 
Stephen Ruffin Wilson 
Joshua Caleb Johnson Dwayne Baxter
Joey Marie Urbina Xiamara 
Jovan Armand Ernesto 
Michael Eshaun York Basketball Boy
Troy Blendell Charlie Cass
Antonio Jaramillo Chief Oscar Fuentes
Thom Nemer Carlo 
Robby Ramos Officer Javier Vasquez
LeQuan Antonio Bennett Lil Homie
James Moses Black Brother Jamal
Joni Bovill Glowdeen 
Quincy Chad Deon 
Steve Gutierrez Cedro 
Ambyr McWilliams Eureka 
Steven Williams Paul Davis
Karl T. Wright Willy Childress
Bruno Bichir Chief Oscar Fuentes
Jeremiah Birkett John Baxter
Karina Bonnefil Crackhead #1
Karimah Campbell Gloria 
Josef Cannon Crackhead #2
Caitlin Carleton Female Officer
McColm Cephas Jr. Young Franklin
Martin Chavez Pedro Kindelin
Wahayn Inello Clayton Homeless Man #2
Romi Dias Rafaela Ibaceta
Luis Richard Gomez Homeless 
Connie Jackson Miranda 
Brent Jennings 
Moses Jones Rockslinger 
Taylor Polidore Dallas 
Onahoua Rodriguez Marta Cordero
Sierra N. Smith Nurse 
Shellie Sterling Compton Park Mom
Mychal Thompson Theo 
Scott Vance Medical Examiner
Cecily Vaughn Leon’s Girl
Toni M. Youngblood Mrs. Gilliard


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