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Spider-Man 2 (2004)


Coming Out at 25 June 2004 in theaters

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Spider-Man 2 is superhero film directed by Sam Raimi and written by Alvin Sargent from a story by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar and Michael Chabon. Based on the fictional Marvel Comics character of the same name, it is the second installment in the Spider-Man trilogy and a sequel to 2002’s Spider-Man film, starring Tobey Maguire alongside Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Alfred Molina, Rosemary Harris, and Donna Murphy. Set two years after the events of Spider-Man, the film finds Peter Parker struggling to manage both his personal life and his duties as Spider-Man, which affects his civilian life dramatically. Meanwhile, Dr. Otto Octavius becomes a diabolical villain after a failed experiment kills his wife and leaves him neurologically fused to mechanical tentacles. Spider-Man must stop him from successfully recreating the dangerous experiment, while dealing with a subconscious desire to stop being Spider-Man that is stripping him of his powers.

Raimi’s inspiration for the film came from the comic book debut of Doctor Octopus in 1964, the 1966 story arc If This Be My Destiny…!, and the 1967 story arc Spider-Man No More!. Principal photography began in April 2003 in New York City and also took place in Los Angeles. Spider-Man 2 was released in both conventional and IMAX theaters on June 30, 2004, to widespread critical acclaim and grossed $789 million worldwide, becoming the third highest-grossing film of the year. It won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and was also nominated for Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing; it also received five awards at the Saturn Awards, including Best Fantasy Film and Best Director for Raimi. It is considered as one of the most influential and best superhero films of all-time.Its success led to Spider-Man 3 (2007).

Two years after Norman Osborn’s death, Peter Parker, secretly the superhero Spider-Man, is estranged from both his love interest Mary Jane Watson and his best friend Harry Osborn; he also discovers that his aunt May is facing eviction. He finds himself suffering temporary, but recurring losses of his powers, often in life-threatening situations.

Harry, who is now head of Oscorp’s genetic and scientific research division, is sponsoring a fusion power project by nuclear scientist Otto Octavius, who befriends and mentors Peter. While handling hazardous materials, Octavius wears a harness of powerful robotic tentacle arms with artificial intelligence. During a public demonstration that Peter and Harry attend, a power spike causes the fusion reactor to destabilize. Octavius refuses to shut down the reactor, which goes critical – killing his wife and burning the inhibitor chip blocking the arms from his nervous system. Peter, as Spider-Man, shuts the experiment down, destroying it in the process.

Director: Sam Raimi

Writers: Stan Lee (comic book), Steve Ditko (comic book), Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Michael Chabon, Alvin Sargent

Stars: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Alfred Molina, Rosemary Harris, Donna Murphy


Tobey MaguireSpider-Man / Peter Parker
Kirsten DunstMary Jane Watson
James FrancoHarry Osborn
Alfred MolinaDoc Ock / Dr. Otto Octavius
Rosemary HarrisMay Parker
J.K. SimmonsJ. Jonah Jameson
Donna MurphyRosalie Octavius
Daniel GilliesJohn Jameson
Dylan BakerDr. Curt Connors
Bill NunnJoseph ‘Robbie’ Robertson
Vanessa FerlitoLouise
Aasif MandviMr. Aziz
Willem DafoeGreen Goblin / Norman Osborn
Cliff RobertsonBen Parker
Ted RaimiHoffman
Elizabeth BanksMiss Brant
Bruce CampbellSnooty Usher
Gregg EdelmanDr. Davis
Elya BaskinMr. Ditkovich
Mageina TovahUrsula
Daniel Dae KimRaymond
Hal SparksElevator Passenger
Joel McHaleMr. Jacks
Stan LeeMan Dodging Debris
Kelly ConnellDr. Isaacs
Brent BriscoeGarbage Man
Emily DeschanelReceptionist
Jason Fiore-OrtizHenry Jackson
Scott SpiegelMan on Balcony
Andy BaleOsCorp Executive 
Christine EstabrookMrs. Jameson
Molly CheekSociety Woman
John PaxtonHouseman
Joy BryantWoman at Web
Joanne BaronSkeptical Scientist
Peter McRobbieOsCorp Representative
Timothy JeromeInjured Scientist 
Taylor GilbertMrs. Watson
Peter VourasStage Manager
Donnell RawlingsPizza ‘Heist’ Witness
Zachry RogersBoy Saved by Spider-Man
Ella RogersGirl Saved by Spider-Man
Louis LombardiPoker Player
Marc John JefferiesAmazed Kid
Roshon FeganAmazed Kid
Brendan Patrick ConnorTheater Traffic Cop 
Reed DiamondAlgernon
Dan Callahan‘Jack’
Elyse DinhViolinist
John LandisDoctor
Tim StormsChainsaw Doctor
Susie ParkClawing Nurse
Tricia PetersScreaming Nurse
Michael Edward ThomasMan at Fire
Anne BetancourtWoman at Fire
Venus LamChild in Burning Building
Bill E. RogersFireman
Joe VirziFireman
Tom CareyTrain Conductor
Jopaul Van EppBoy with Mask 
Weston EppBoy with Mask
Peter AllasTrain Passenger
Brianna BrownTrain Passenger 
Bill CalvertTrain Passenger 
Tony CampisiTrain Passenger
Joey DiazTrain Passenger 
Chloe DykstraTrain Passenger
Simone GordonTrain Passenger
Dan HicksTrain Passenger 
Julia MaxTrain Passenger
Savannah PopeTrain Passenger
Timothy Patrick QuillTrain Passenger
Jill SayreTrain Passenger
Rickey G. WilliamsTrain Passenger
Dakota AndersonMugger 1 
Sal ArdisiParent 
Michael ArthurNYPD Officer 
Damian BaileyExtra 
Alan BlackneyAstronaut 
David BlancStreet Walker 
Frank BonsanguePizza Man 
David BostonPedestrian 
Sho BrownPassenger 
Luke BurnyeatTrain Passenger 
Cindy CheungChinese Daughter 
Peter CincottiPiano Player in Planetarium 
Lee CogburnTrain Passenger 
Al ColladoCab Driver 
Christina R. CopelandChainsaw Nurse 
Dono CunninghamPedestrian 
Vince CuponeVictim 
Barbara Ann DavisonWoman with Dog 
Calvin DeanBoomer 
Fabrizio FanteBusinessman 
Doug FeronyDetective 
Phillip GrammNYPD Officer 
HallaWedding Attendee 
Mohammed HassanMiddle Eastern Taxi Driver 
Andre JohnsonFireman 2 
Edward JohnsonPlanetarium 

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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