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The Crazies (2010)


Horror, Thriller

A mysterious toxin in the water supply turns everyone exposed to it into mindless killers and the authorities leave the uninfected to their certain doom in this terrifying reinvention of the George Romero horror classic. Directed by Breck Eisner, The Crazies is written by Ray Wright and Scott Kosar. The American Dream goes horribly wrong when the residents of this picture-perfect town begin to succumb to an uncontrollable urge for violence and the horrific bloodshed escalates into anarchy.

In an attempt to contain the epidemic, the military uses deadly force to close off access into or out of town, abandoning the few healthy citizens to the growing mayhem as depraved killers lurk in the shadows. Sheriff David Dutton (Olyphant); his pregnant wife, Judy (Mitchell); Becca (Panabaker), an assistant at the medical center; and Russell (Joe Anderson), Duttons deputy and right-hand man, find themselves trapped in a once idyllic town they can no longer recognize. Unable to trust former neighbors and friends, deserted by the authorities and terrified of contracting the illness themselves, they are forced to band together in a nightmarish struggle for survival.

Director: Breck Eisner

Writers: Scott Kosar (screenplay), Ray Wright (screenplay), George A. Romero (1973 motion picture “The Crazies”)

Stars: Radha Mitchell, Timothy Olyphant, Danielle Panabaker, Joe Anderson, Christie Lynn Smith, Brett Rickaby, Preston Bailey


Timothy OlyphantDavid
Radha MitchellJudy
Joe AndersonRussell
Danielle PanabakerBecca
Christie Lynn SmithDeardra Farnum
Brett RickabyBill Farnum
Preston BaileyNicholas
John AylwardMayor Hobbs
Joe ReeganPvt. Billy Babcock
Glenn MorshowerIntelligence Officer
Larry CedarBen Sandborn
Gregory SporlederTravis Quinn
Mike HickmanRory Hamill
Lisa K. WyattPeggy Hamill
Justin WelbornCurt Hammil
Chet GrissomKevin Miller
Tahmus RoundsNathan
Brett WagnerJesse
Alex VanRed
Tony WintersTown Pastor
Frank Hoyt TaylorJim Finley – Mortician
Justin MilesScotty McGregor
Marian GreenMrs. McGregor
E. Roger MitchellTom – Fire Chief
Michael H. ColeSite Coordinator (as Michael Cole)
Lynn LowryWoman on Bike
Chris CarnelCar Wash Lunatic
Jimmy WaitmanCar Wash Lunatic
Jay PearsonCar Wash Lunatic
Kathryn KimDistraught Mom
Adam DingemanSnickering Boy
Megan HensleyBabbling Teen
Lori Beth SikesDistraught Mother (as Lori Beth Edgeman)
Ann RothDistraught Woman
Mickey Cole Jr.Distraught Boy (as Michael ‘Mickey’ Cole)
Elizabeth BarrettLone Woman
Rachel StoreyMolly Hutchins
Bruce AuneNewscaster
Jacqueline SherrardLocal Girl
Mary Lynn OwenDistraught Woman #2
Pierce GagnonDistraught Son
Matt LintzDistraught Son #2 (as Matthew Lintz)
Wilbur FitzgeraldDistraught Husband
Jeremy AmblerU.S. Army Soldier
Lexie BehrLizzie
Wes EastinHazmat Soldier
William GrammerInfected Citizen
Albert J. GreffeniusDiner Crazy #1
Gene L. HamiltonDiner Crazy #2
Anthony B. HarrisSoldier
Ryan HelmBallpark Attendee
Steven HodgesExtra
Michael KoskeSoldier
Joseph LavenderDead Soldier
Shaun Michael LynchEvac Soldier
Billie McNabbWaitress
Jade MoserLocal Teen
Steve PilchenDiner Crazy #3
Evan Michael PinsonnaultQuarantined Resident
Cody RowlettHazmat Soldier
Anthony SellersSoldier / HAZMAT Scientist
Brandon ShannonBaseball Scene
Hai SpletstoserSoldier
Kasey StewartUninfected Citizen
James B. SwansonHazmat Soldier
Jared WignallExtra

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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