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The Girl Who Believes in Miracles (2021)


Releasing at April 2, 2021 in theaters

Drama, Family

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles is family drama film directed by RichardCorrell, and written by Richard Correll and G.M. Mercier. The film stars Mira Sorvino, Kevin Sorbo, Peter Coyote, Austyn Johnson, Tommi Rose, Darryl Cox and Burgess Jenkins.

Young Sara Hopkins is, unlike most people, willing to take God at His word. So when she hears a preacher say faith can move mountains, she starts praying! What begins with a mysteriously healed bird leads to people suddenly cured of their misery and misfortune all over town. But the overwhelming crush of notoriety and press attention soon takes its toll on Sara. Will her family be able to save their miracle girl before it’s too late?

Director: RichardCorrell

Writers: Richard Correll, G.M. Mercier

Stars: Mira Sorvino, Kevin Sorbo, Peter Coyote, Austyn Johnson, Tommi Rose, Darryl Cox, Burgess Jenkins


Mira Sorvino►Bonnie Hopkins
Kevin Sorbo►Dr. Ben Riley
Peter Coyote►Sam Donovan
Austyn Johnson►Sara Hopkins
Tommi Rose►Cindy Kramer
Darryl Cox►Pastor Jerry ‘Mac’ Macmillan
Burgess Jenkins►Alex Hopkins
Paul-Mikél Williams►Mark Miller
Cate Jones►Isabel’s Mother
Brooks Ryan►Caucasian Jesus
Luke Harmon►Danny Hopkins
Mollie Milligan►Elizabeth Riley
April Warren►Church goer / vigil goer
Aaron J. Brooks►Deputy Sheriff
Lisa Lloyd►Dolores Clark
Christina Correll►Nurse #2
David Burkhart►Reporter
Ashley Mandanas►Dr. Riley’s Nurse
Jake Washburn►Paramedic
Lisandro Boccacci►Street Walker
Stephanie Cood►Theresa Cassillas
Leland Prater►News Cameraman
Maggie McClure►Nurse
Tracy Condit►Nurse / Churchgoer
Dash Melrose►Bicycle Boy #1
Gina D. Brewer►Believer / Concession Stand Patron
Collin Place►Alvie Bronner
Amelia White►Nurse #1
Addison Metcalf►Sick Child
Erin Herring►Fan
Gavin Taylor►Bicycle Boy #2
Matthew Oakley►Punk #1
Mike Page►Cop #1
Piper Petrole►Isabel
Tisha Bradford►Flora Miller
Bryce Camp►Church goer
Ernie Robinson►Church Goer / Vigil Member
Rane Thomason►Punk
Barbara Sandlin►Concession Stand Patron, Believer
Laurie Frost►Church Member
Glenda Taylor►Reporter
Kadar Price►Bicycle Boy 3
Kim Robertson►Nurse
Rob Gallavan►Eddie
Todd Davenport►Coach Hensley
Chris Dry►Soccer Fan
Marisol Vera►Maria Casillas
Ricardo Hinoa►Father Alonzo Alvarez
Desiree Littles►Spectator
Alyssa Laronde►Believer / Church Goer
Ty Johnson►Soccer Fan
Russell Herrera Jr.►Vigil-Goer
Rustin Daniels►Church Goer / Vigil Goer
Rani Peoples►ChurchGoer / Fan
Jeffrey Brucculeri►News Cameraman
Trace Herrera►Vigil-Goer
Jada Nicole Williams►Ellen Miller
Joy Brewer►Believer / Concession Stand Patron
Charles Dane Clark►Church parishioner
Burke McCrory►Doctor in Hospital
Angela Soldier►News Reporter
Justin C. Russell►Pedestrian
Curtis Waltermire►Doctor in Hospital
Tiffaney Vickrey►Vigil Attendee
Madison Green►Church Kid
Colton Schwarz►Parent


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