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The Good Traitor (2020)


Releasing at August 13, 2020 in theaters

“Vores mand i Amerika”

Biography, Drama

The Good Traitor is biography drama film directed by Christina Rosendahl, and written by Kristian Bang Foss, Dunja Gry Jensen and Christina Rosendahl. The film stars Ulrich Thomsen, Denise Gough, Zoë Tapper, Burn Gorman, Ross McCall, Nicholas Blane and Pixie Davies. It primiered at January 29, 2020 on Göteborg Film Festival.

April 9, 1940: Denmark is invaded by Nazi Germany with demands for immediate and unconditional surrender. The government surrenders after a few hours and begins cooperating with the Nazis. On the other side of the Atlantic is Denmark’s ambassador to the United States of America, a daredevil and a man of the world – Henrik Kauffmann, who is willing to put everything on the line. He refuses to follow the German directives and engineers a rebellious plan to defeat Hitler and give the Danish people their freedom back.

Director: Christina Rosendahl

Writers: Kristian Bang Foss, Dunja Gry Jensen, Christina Rosendahl

Stars: Ulrich Thomsen, Denise Gough, Zoë Tapper, Burn Gorman, Ross McCall, Nicholas Blane, Pixie Davies


Denise GoughCharlotte Kauffmann
Zoë TapperZilla Sears
Burn GormanBerle
Ulrich ThomsenHenrik Kauffmann
Ross McCallMason Sears
Nicholas BlaneWinston Churchill
Pixie DaviesPoppin Sears
Henry GoodmanFranklin D. Roosevelt
Mikkel Boe FølsgaardPovl Bang-Jensen
Hans Henrik ClemensenStatsminister Buhl
Esben Dalgaard AndersenEinar Blechingberg
Levente Puczkó-SmithNeighbour’s son
Søren Sætter-LassenNils Svenningsen
Vibeke HastrupNurse (voice)
Miri Ann BeuschelLauring
Scott Alexander YoungGeneral Hobbs
Henrik Noël OlesenArno
Amber FernéeTilda Kauffmann
Robert JacksonReal estate agent
Rosemary AburrowLisa Kauffmann


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