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The Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 1 Opening on Netflix at March 15, 2021


Documentary, Adventure, Drama / TV-Series (2021)

The real-life pirates of the Caribbean violently plunder the world’s riches and form a surprisingly egalitarian republic in this documentary series. The Lost Pirate Kingdom is docu-series from Netflix that is billed as the true story of the “real” pirates of the Caribbean, but the recently-released trailer has a remarkable number of cheesy re-enactment scenes that look like they’re out of a bad History Channel drama.

Actually, that description doesn’t do justice to the History Channel’s acclaimed scripted dramas like Vikings — the scenes from The Lost Pirate Kingdom contains re-enactments that wish they were as good as a History Channel drama.

Director: Patrick Dickinson

Writer: Patrick Dickinson

Stars: James Oliver Wheatley, Jonathan Ralph Whittaker, Phill Webster, Moneer Elmasseek, Derek Gibbons, Kevin Howarth, Sinead MacInnes, Robert Ryan


James Oliver Wheatley Blackbeard
Jonathan Ralph Whittaker Captain Young
Phill Webster Reenactment 
Moneer Elmasseek Thomas Barrow 
Derek Gibbons Hornigold’s Pirate Spokesman  
Kevin Howarth Woodes Rogers 
Sinead MacInnes Mary Hallet 
Robert Ryan Dr. John Howell 
Sam Callis Reenactment 
Mark Gillis Reenactment 
Evan Milton Reenactment 
Tom Padley Reenactment 
Mia Tomlinson Anne Bonny 
Jack Waldouck Reenactment 
George Watkins Reenactment 
Miles Yekinni Black Caesar


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