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The Mind, Explained Season 1 Opening on Netlifx at September 12, 2019


Documentary / TV-Series (2019)

Emma Stone narrates this illuminating adventure through the human brain — exploring the science behind memory, dreams, anxiety, mindfulness, and more.

The Mind Explained looks at how memory works and examines the way in which the brain stores, processes, and retrains memories. It also looks at the ways in which memory can fail and discusses how memories can warp over time. It talks to neuroscientists and a memory champion who explains her techniques.

Stars: Emma Stone, Ali Mattu, Melanie Mignucci, Octavian C. Mihai, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Robert Stickgold, Richard Davidson


Emma Stone Self – Narrator 5 episodes, 2019
Ali Mattu Self – Psychologist 1 episode, 2019
Melanie Mignucci Self – Memory Subject 1 episode, 2019
Octavian C. Mihai Self – Psychedelic User 1 episode, 2019
Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche Self – Buddhist Monk 1 episode, 2019
Robert Stickgold Self – Neuroscientist 1 episode, 2019
Richard Davidson Self – Neuroscientist 1 episode, 2019
Elizabeth Phelps Self – Neuroscientist 1 episode, 2019
Gina Poe Self – Neuroscientist 1 episode, 2019
Michael Pollan Self – Author, How to Change Your Mind 1 episode, 2019
Robert Sapolsky Self – Neuroscientist 1 episode, 2019
Maria Bamford Self – Comedian 1 episode, 2019
Bhante Saranapala Self – Buddhist Monk 1 episode, 2019
Yanjaa Wintersoul Self – Memory Champion 1 episode, 2019
Jerry Cintron Self – Prison Inmate 1 episode, 2019
Allison McCarthy Self – Lucid Dreamer 1 episode, 2019
Donna Addis Self – Neuroscientist 1 episode, 2019
Roland Griffiths Self – Professor, Johns Hopkins University 1 episode, 2019
Mary P. Cosimano Self – John Hopkins Researcher & Guide 1 episode, 2019


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