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The Negotiator (1998)


Action, Crime, Drama

The Negotiator is action thriller film directed by F. Gary Gray. It stars Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey as two expert hostage negotiators and Chicago police lieutenants.

Danny Roman (Samuel L. Jackson) is considered the best police hostage negotiator in Chicago. After a friend warns him that someone is embezzling from a disability fund, the person is found dead. Internal affairs investigator Niebaum (J.T. Walsh) discovers the gun used had been handled by Roman. When no one believes his innocence, Roman takes Niebaum hostage. When Chris Sabian (Kevin Spacey) arrives to hear Roman’s demands, the two skilled negotiators begin a tense stand-off.

Director: F. Gary Gray

Writers: James DeMonaco, Kevin Fox

Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, David Morse, J.T. Walsh, Ron Rifkin, Regina Taylor, John Spencer


Samuel L. Jackson►Danny Roman
Kevin Spacey►Chris Sabian
David Morse►Adam Beck
Ron Rifkin►Grant Frost
John Spencer►Chief Al Travis
J.T. Walsh►Terence Niebaum
Siobhan Fallon Hogan►Maggie
Paul Giamatti►Rudy
Regina Taylor►Karen Roman
Bruce Beatty►Markus
Michael Cudlitz►Palermo
Carlos Gómez►Eagle
Tim Kelleher►Argento
Dean Norris►Scott
Nestor Serrano►Hellman
Doug Spinuzza►Tonray
Leonard L. Thomas►Allen
Stephen Lee►Farley
Lily Gibson►Omar’s Daughter
Lauri Johnson►Chief’s Wife
Sabi Dorr►Bartender
Gene Wolande►Morewitz
Rhonda Dotson►Linda Roenick
Donald Korte►Officer at Funeral
Anthony T. Petrusonis►Officer at Funeral
John McDonald►Pipes and Dreams Leader
Jack McLaughlin-Gray►Priest
John Lordan►Linda’s Attorney
Jack Shearer►D.A. Young
Donna Ponterotto►Secretary
Michael Shamus Wiles►Taylor
Mik Scriba►Bell
Joey Perillo►Tech #1
Mary Page Keller►Lisa Sabian
Kelsey Mulrooney►Stacy Sabian
Brad Blaisdell►FBI Agent Grey
Bruce Wright►FBI Agent Moran
Robert David Hall►Cale Wangro
Guy Van Swearingen►Officer
Bernard Hocke►Sniper
Tony Mockus Jr.►Agent
Carol-Anne Touchberry►Reporter
Robert Jordan►Reporter
Geoff Morrell►Reporter
Janna Tetzlaff►Reporter
Millie Santiago►Reporter
Mike Leiderman►Reporter
Jay Levine►Reporter
Mark Giangreco►Reporter
Rick Scarry►Reporter
Mary Ingersoll►Reporter
McNally Sagal►Reporter
Mary Major►Reporter
Lynn Rondell►Reporter
Edwina Moore►Reporter
Lynn Forslund►Reporter
Muriel Clair►News Anchor
Mary Ann Childers►News Anchor
Diann Burns►News Anchor
Carla Sanchez►News Anchor
Charles Valentino►FBI Agent
Robert Baier►Officer at HBT
Ted Montue►Officer at IAB
John Buckley►Detective
Darius Aubry►Detective
Steven Maines►TAC Officer
Caine►Raoul the Dog
Max►Raoul the Dog
Andy-John►SWAT Team
James Blackburn►Camera Man
Tom Bower►Omar
Spitfire Brown►Cop
Wayne Eric►Swat Officer
David Michael Fordham►FBI SWAT Officer
Paul Guilfoyle►Nathan Roenick
David J. Haynes►Cop
Ezina LeBlanc►Reporter
Maureen Mendoza►FBI Agent
Julie O’Malley►FBI SWAT Officer
Todd Rheingold►SWAT Officer
Jack Rooney►Fire Department Lieutenant
Rick Touhy►Cop

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