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The Pursuit of Love Mini Series Opening on BBC at May 9, 2021


Drama, Romance / TV-Series (2021)

The Pursuit of Love is written and directed by Emily Mortimer, The Pursuit of Love is a romantic comedy-drama about love and friendship. An adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s celebrated novel and set in Europe between the two World Wars.

The story follows the adventures and misadventures of the charismatic and fearless Linda Radlett, played by Lily James and her best friend and cousin Fanny Logan, played by Emily Beecham. Freedom, friendship, sex and love. Impatiently waiting for life to begin, two cousins are thrust into a decadent, whirlwind adventure.

Directors: Emily Mortimer

Writers: Nancy Mitford (novel), Emily Mortimer

Stars: Lily James, Emily Beecham, Dominic West, Emily Mortimer, Dolly Wells, Shazad Latif, Andrew Scott, John Heffernan


Lily James Linda Radlett
Emily Beecham Fanny Logan
Dominic West Uncle Matthew 
Emily Mortimer The Bolter
Dolly Wells Aunt Sadie
Shazad Latif Alfred Wincham 
Andrew Scott Lord Merlin
John Heffernan Davey
Annabel Mullion Aunt Emily
Freddie Fox Tony Kroesig 
Beattie Edmondson Louisa Radlett
James Frecheville Christian Talbot 
Aki Omoshaybi Langston Hughes 
Assaad Bouab Fabrice De Sauveterre
Steve Garti Josh the Groom
Jack Barton Angelic Man #1 
Will Keen Sir Leicester
Abbiegail Mills Moira 
Mark Tandy Lord Fort William
Heather Rome Lady Kroesig
Martha West Jassy Radlett
Kitty Archer Lavender
Zino Masoud David (age 6-9)
Godeliv Van den Brandt Revolutionary Catalan Woman
Alvaro Cea Alvarez Juan
Lilly Aspell Young Linda (Aged 8-12)
Micah Gordon Fabrice (Aged 6)
Chooye Bay Bookshop Comrade
Oli Higginson Colin (Undergraduate)
Dominic Geraghty Important Person at Kroesigs
Georgina Morgan Young Fanny (Aged 8-12)
Alex Kelly Baby Moira’s Nurse
Laurie Shepherd Young Matt
Sam Nivola Matt
Henry Rylands Randolphe Pine
John Atterbury Lord Stromboli
Alexandru Batareanu Boris
Darryl Bradford Lord
Connor Catchpole Dull Angelic Young Man #2
Emma Cater Boring Don’s Wife
Mabli Jên Eustace Pixie
Tom Gaskin Dull Angelic Young Man #1
Paul Lacoux Gare Du Nord Ticket Seller
May Nivola Young Jassy
Jim Sclavunos London Ballroom Band
Spider Stacy London Ballroom Band
Nikolaj Torp Larsen London Ballroom Band
George Vjestica London Ballroom Band
Steven Pereira Beverly Hills Waiter  
Alfredo Tavares Paparazzi 
Helena Dixon Young Robyn 
Arun Kapur Chatters 
Robert MacPherson Taxi Driver 
Sinna Mogul The Italian Count 
Guillaume Rivaud Spanish Civil War Refugee 

( Read more cast details on imdb )

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