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The Rational Life Season 1 Opening on Hunan TV and Mango TV at March 31, 2021


“The Woman Who Cannot Fall In Love”

Drama, Romance / TV-Series (2021)

In a company largely dominated and led by males, Shen Ruoxin’s road to promotion is difficult. It has been a year since the competition for the position of the director of the legal department, but Liu Pei, the vice president of the company, keep making things difficult for her. Shen Ruoxin was entrusted with a case at a critical moment. Working together with her assistant Qi Xiao, they discover traces of Jin Yuanhao’s affair and was about to settle with him, incriminating photos of Shen Ruoxin and Jin Yuanhao were taken. It turns out that it was Shen Ruoxin’s boyfriend who planned this setup, so he can force Shen Ruoxin to resign and get married with him.

Shen Ruoxin broke up with her boyfriend, but because of the photo incident, she was transferred to the administrative department. Qi Xiao volunteers to follow. With the company of Qi Xiao, Shen Ruoxin gradually realizes that love is neither an exchange nor a burden, but the simple mutual attraction of two people. Finally, Shen Ruoxin and Qi Xiao overcome numerous obstacles and get together. [dramawiki]

Directors: Fu-chun Hsu

Writers: Long Xiao Shan, Chen Tong

Stars: Pan Hong, Bao Wen Jin, Calvin Li, Lan Qin, Dylan Wang


Pan Hong Mother Shen
Bao Wen Jin Song Zi Yan
Calvin Li Xu Ming Jie
Lan Qin Shen Ruo Xin
Dylan Wang QI Xiao

( Read more cast details on imdb )

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